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The Mintcoin Project

Secure - Fair - Energy Efficient THE MINTCOIN PROJECTI BitCoin mining is not only costly, it's not environment friendly at all. The Cost of BitCoin Mining BitCoin mining uses $15 million's worth of electricity everyday. The Bitcoin network electricity consumption increasing by more than 64 MWh/day. This usage is expected to increase as BitCoin draws even more popularity and users. Year (2009-2013) Figurative M Wh/day, no actual data available Figurative Increase in Power Usage Such is the environmental problems that MintCoin tries to address. Mintcoin is a secure and efficient BitCoin alternative with fair distribution MINTCOIN 70 B Fair Distribution Investor Friendly Environment Friendly Everyone is given the chance to grab Mintcoin initially, not just a limited number of people. Holding coins generates interest, giving you more value for your investment. A total of 70 billion MintCoins is set to be distributed in a span of 4 years. After the initial mining period, Mintcoin no longer requires mining, saving a lot of energy and electricity. accepled here MintCoin Explained The Advantages Coin Distribution MintCoin is a hybrid of two well known cryptocoin algorithm, the Proof-of-Work (POW) and Proof- of-Stake (POS) algorithms. The coin will be first available through mining using the Scrypt algorithm for 5 weeks. MintCoin takes the best of both worlds: The security of Scrypt-based Proof-of-Work algorithm Proof of Work uses "mining" to secure the network and generate coins. After the mining period, the coin turns pure PoS. And the sustainability of the Proof-of-Stake algorithm Proof of Stake uses "minting" to secure the network and generate coins as 'interests.' Variable Interest Rates: The initial distribution of coins through mining ensures the majority of the network isn't controlled by a single entity. 20% for the 1st year MintCoin is also great for investing. 15% for the 2nd year Holding MintCoins in your wallet will generate more coins at a variable interest rate. 10% for the 3rd year 5% for the succeeding years A Green Alternative mintcoin MintCoin is set to minimize the environmental concerns raised by BitCoin mining. Join the change. Start using MintCoin today! Download the Wallet: Let's get social! Connect with fellow users: https://tv MintCoin Block Explorer: Trade your Mints! MintPal NewAltEx References: 1. 2. 3. millions-worth-of-electricity-every-day/ Power Usage in MWh/day

The Mintcoin Project

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MintCoin is a fairly distributed greener alternative to BitCoin. MintCoin does not constantly require 'mining,' an energy extensive process required to secure the BitCoin network from any malicious in...






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