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For Me? You Shouldn't Have. Really.

For me? you shouldn't have. REALLY. A Guide to Modern, Social Gifting & Wish Lists Different types of Gift Giving Events Annual gifts Once in a lifetime gifts Avg per event HOLIDAYS Christmas Mothers & Fathers day Valentines day $52 GRADUATION $113 MARRIAGE BIRTHDAYS $87 HAVING A BABY Average spent on parents, friends, family members and coworkers (avg cost per gift without collaborating) 0-30 $84 Average spent on graduation, wedding and having a baby. (avg cost per gift without collaborating) What's the problem? Cost of K what people want What people are willing to pay versus What does this say about gifting? MOST POPULAR GIFTS in the 80s & 90s 1980 $1.99 RUBIK'S CUBE 1981 ৪70.00 LEGO TRAIN SET 1982 $230.00 BMX BIKE 1983 $30.00 CABBAGE PATCH DOLLS 1984 $19.99 TRANSFORMER ACTION FIGURES 1985 $24.99 CARE BEARS 1986 $50.00 LAZER TAG 1987 $3.99 KOOSH BALLS $8.77 GHOSTBUSTER ACTION FIGURES 1988 1989 $189.95 GAME BOY 1990 $5.95 TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ACTION FIGURES 1991 $150.00 SEGA GAME GEAR 1992 $6.99 WWF ACTION FIGURES 1993 $29.99 TALKBOY (HOME ALONE) 1994 $10.00 POWER RANGERS ACTION FIGURES 1995 $2.99 POGS OFFICIAL 1996 $29.99 TICKLE ME ELMO TLkbay 1997 $20.00 TAMAGOTCHI 1998 $35.00 FURBY $29.99 POKEMON NINTENDO GAMES 1999 JAB! $48 $244 photo via ebay seller: jfretless Average price for top selling gifts in the 80 & 90's The price of top wanted gifts is rising. Average price for top selling gifts from 2000 to 2011 MOST POPULAR GIFTS SINCE 2000 How much do we spend on gifts? 2011 set a record in holiday returns totalling $46.28 billion in unwanted gifts. 2012 $579.99 SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 III $866 2011 $199.00 KINDLE FIRE $817 $794 $826 $763 $764 $770 2010 $499.99 APPLE IPAD $734 $730 $714 $690 $616 $638 2009 $199.99 NINTENDO WII 48% 2008 $60.00 ELMO LIVE 39% 35% 2007 $299.99 IPOD TOUCH 32% 26% 75% 21% $399.99 PLAYSTATION 3 2006 12% 14% 70% 10% 3% 1% 2005 $299.99 XBOX 360 2004 $149.99 NINTENDO DS 2003 $99.99 ROBOSAPIEN 00, '01 '02 *03 '04 90, '07 *08 60, '10 '11 S0, $7.99 2002 BEYBLADES O Total spent on gifts annually Cost of most popular gift $20.00 2001 BRATZ DOLLS 2000 $99.99 RAZOR SCOOTER Percentage of the annual budget if most popular gift purchased Gallup poll Averages prices 7 2012 Top 5 Sought After Gifts SMARTPHONES TABLETS E-READERS MP3 PLAYERS HEAD PHONES $117* $386 $230 $150 $150 * if purchased with new phone service MOST POPULAR REGISTRY ITEMS Once in a lifetime gifts 91% Bakeware Wedding Registry GIFTS 90% Kitchen Appliances Average registry value $5,158 of wedding guests 75% bring a wedding gift Average wedding registry contains 153 ITEMS only of wedding guests 65% buy gifts off of the registry Average price per item $33.71 69 $79 Average number of items couple receive from registry Average spent by friends Average spent by family members $146 People prefer requested gifts Averaged cost of a gift that people actually want! $207 "People are more appreciative when they receive a gift they have explicitly requested" The problem is that most people only want to spend around... $20-30 -Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 2011 The Solution: Social Gifting how does it work? * 000$65 1. Share a wishlist. $25 Pinterest $10 $50 $30 facebook. 2. Your friends decide how much to contribute towards a wanted gift. $25 The gifts that people REALLY want, cost too much for one person to buy. 3. Once paid for, the gift ships directly to your doorstep. • no visiting stores • modern age convenience • no more chasing down funds from friends and family • no shipping hassles The problem for retailers: in the past retailers have been unable to convert their social audience into customers. For example: Converting social fans into retail on Black Friday 2012 social media only generated on Cyber Monday 2012 social media only generated facebook. Linked in 0.34% 0.41% customers of all online sales You Tube of all online sales Retailer Retailers need an omni-channel solution to manage and monetize their various web and Solution socialmedia assets on a branded basis. Give their consumers a way to lower their costs through modern day wish lists. Roadblocks for retailers to monetize on social media assets. Friends & Family can collaborate electronically from across the globe. Inability for retailers to turn their wish lists and fanbases into sales. Utilize QR code technology powered by virtual storefronts Retailers need to protect their brand identity online. Bridge print medium with social commerce. The need for pre and post sale data. Use technology to sell consumers based on social data such as "likes", interests and occasions. Need a solution for collaborative payment processing and social gifting. Retailers need a way to monetize Pinterest. Build virtual branded storefronts on Facebook to monetize fans bases Social media is only a game if you can't monetize it. presented by Countme n Bring your e-retailing to the next level at Social Gifting Made Easy Sources: (amount of 2011 holiday sales) DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

For Me? You Shouldn't Have. Really.

shared by NowSourcing on Jan 16
A look at the new trend in gifting: social gifting. With prices of gifts getting higher every day this infographic provides a deeper look into how people are collaborating on buying gifts.




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