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Mars vs. Venus

MARS VS. VENUS INVESTMENT DECISIONS- --- -- When making financial decisions, women are more likely to ask for advice from friends, family members and finacial advisors, whereas men are more inclined to trust themselves. 63% financial advísor 74% research on 80% 80% my own 70% 70% 57% financíal advísor 60% 60% 63% research on 50% 50% my own 40% 40% 38% friend or family member 28% odaily financial press 30% 30% 20% 20% 10% 10% 19% friend or family member 16% daily financial press 0% 0% This may be because men are much more confident in their investing ability than women are. Feel moderate to high anxiety about their financial future Say they are inexperienced with investing' 35% 41% 26% 27% SPENDING AND SAVING -- Women worry, men take action. Women are more likely to extensively research their options, while men are much more likely to act impulsively and make financial decisions based on a gut feeling, not research. However, women take a much more proactive role in household spending. Responses to stock market volatilíty by both genders I have adjusted my financial portfolio Tam taking more of a short-term investment strategy instead of a buy-and-hold approach T have reduced my personal spending in the past few months 45% 27% 34%) 39% 21% 45% How stock market volatílity has impacted shopping habits by gender 71% Tam being more selectívě and watching for deals 51% Tam using products longer 80% 80% ullum 7070 70% 46% | am using products longer 60% 60% 63% Tam being more selectivě and watching for 50% 50% deals 40% 40% 42% I have reduced my spending on luxury goods 37% | am purchasing less expensive products 30% -- 30% 20% 20% 10% 10% 31% T have reduced my spending on luxury goods 29% am purchasing less expensive products 0% 0% HE SAID, SHE SAID-- It is really no surprise that both genders tend to think that they make better finanial decisions than their counterparts. Who makes better financial decisions? MALE RESPONDENTS FEMALE RESPONDENTS 38% o MEN 82% MEN O 62% WOMEN ㅇ 18 % WOMEN Spectrem's MILLIONAIRE CORNER Brought to you by Millionaire Corner Other data sources: 1. FOR MUESTOS ABOUT INVISOS

Mars vs. Venus

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Millionaire Corner surveys and publishes data about the financial needs and preferences of investor households. This infographic highlights the differences among men and women and the financial decisi...


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