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Manufacturing in Silicon Valley

MANUFACTURING IN SILICON VALLEY ($) ($) ($) The Value of Manufacturing Manufacturing remains a core component of the Silicon Valley economy. The region specializes in new product introduction R&D design pilot production and small-run manufacturing- and is critical to Silicon Valley's ability to innovate. This manu- facturing base supports entrepreneurs and companies in taking an idea to market-ready product faster than anywhere else in the world. MANUFACTURING IS HERE At over 150,000 jobs, the manufacturing sector is an economic driver in Silicon MANUFACTURING EMPLOYS 1„6 Valley, with a specialization in hardware and equipment manufacturing. WORKERS IN THE SAN JOSE METRO REGION JOBS CONCENTRATION BAY AREA • 1000 jobs SAN JOSE METRO REGION LEVELS OF CONCENTRATION OF DIFFERENT SUBSECTORS (times the national average) MAGNETIC AND OPTICAL MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS COMPUTER AND INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS MACHINERY Min (2) Max (32) .• National levels If the US has two jobs for every 1000 nation wide, then four dots means MACHINE SHOPS MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES AND THREADED PRODUCT that the San Jose Metro has four. COMPLEXITY OF MAKING NEW PRODUCTS Manufactured products are designed, prototyped, tested and analyzed, optimized for an efficient production process, and supported through after-sales services - all in addition to be produced. CONCENTRATION OF INPUTS TO EMPLOYMENT, RELATIVE TO NATIONAL LEVELS MANUFACTURING R&D DESIGN/PROTOTYPE LIMITED PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT SCALE PRODUCTION Making a functional, market-ready model 1000 or less units, for complex products or to perfect the process New technology development Optimizing supply chains, after-sales Manufacturing tens of thousands or Min (2) Max (32) service more •• National levels If the US has two jobs for every 1000 nation wide, then four dots means that the San Jose Metro has four. R&D US SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT SERVICES COMPUTER HARDWARE MATERIALS ENGINEERS SCIENTISTS MANAGEMENT/SERVICE DESIGN/PROTOTYPE ARCHITECTURAL & ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING MANAGERS ENGINEERING SERVICES SILICON VALLEY MARKETING MANAGERS INDUSTRIAL DESIGN SERVICES SALES MANAGERS ELECTRONIC PARTS MERCHANT WHOLESALERS SCALE PRODUCTION Generally doesn't happen in Silicon Valley MACHINE SHOPS & SEMICONDUCTOR & ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC THREADED PRODUCT ELECTRONIC COMPONENT EQUIPMENT ASSEMBLERS LIMITED PRODUCTION 15 CRADLE-TO-SCALE INNOVATION The San Jose metro is unique in having strengths in R&D, innovation, and technology, combined with a strong manufacturing base. This enables innovators to research and make new products. AMONG MAJOR METROS (TOP 50, BY POPULATION), SAN JOSE IS RANKED IN THE TOP 5 UNIVERSITY RESEARCH INNOVATION COMMERCIALIZATON VENTURE CAPITAL University $R&D/worker (2007 - 2011) Patents/worker (2007 - 2011) SBIR Awards $/worker (2007 - 2011) Venture Capital $/worker (2012) RANK 1 Baltimore, MD San Jose, CA Boston, MA-NH San Jose, CA San Diego, CA San Francisco, CA San Jose, CA San Francisco, CA 3 San Jose, CA Austin, TX San Diego, CA Boston, MA-NH 4 Birmingham, AL Raleigh, NC Washington, DC-VA-MD-WV San Diego, CA 5 San Francisco, CA San Diego, CA Austin, TX Austin, TX Note: does not include Federal Lab R&D or private-sector R&D STEM WORKFORCE MANUFACTURING BASE HIGH-TECH MANUFACTURING % workers in STEM occupations (2011) % workers in Manufacturing (2010) % manufacturing jobs very high tech (2010) RANK // Silicon Valley is where you can make things that have never been made / 1 San Jose, CA San Jose, CA San Jose, CA 2 Washington, DC-VA-MD-WV Milwaukee, WI Seattle, WA 3 Seattle, WA Cleveland, OH Austin, TX Boston, MA-NH Detroit, MI Phoenix, AZ 5 San Francisco, CA Rolf Milesi, President of Supermodelli Inc. Portland, OR-WA Boston, MA-NH POWERED BY A DIVERSE, TALENTED WORKFORCE Manufacturing employs more people than any other single sector, and these jobs pay very well at all education levels. This workforce specializes in management, R&D and engineering, but also includes a multitude of occupations. AVERAGE MONTHLY WAGE IN THE SAN JOSE METRO - ALL INDUSTRIES MANUFACTURING $15.000 $12.000 $9.000 $6.000 $3.000 All education Bachelor's degree Some college or Less than High school or advanced degree Associate degree or equivalent, no college categories high school MANUFACTURING SECTOR OCCUPATIONS 20% 2% Production, transportation, and material moving 12% 49% 1% Natural resources, construction, and maintenance 7% Sales and office 14% O Service 65% 2% O Management, business, science, and arts 28% SANTA CLARA COUNTY US 1000 OPEN JOB TITLES IN Technician Managel "MANUFACTURING" WITHIN 25 MILES OF SAN JOSE JULY 11, 2013 Control Coordinator Worer Pojun Product Ekroduction pecaist Manufacturing Shipping Associate Supervisor Sr- Mechanical Assembler Program Heckunic Warehouse Development Operations Hartwan nta Process Princinal Agticzins Systems est Technire = Director Asamby Mateial = Mauie pOnoro Ahmcad Leader Engineer Cuslomer Sumd Magnent : Tech - Imntin Accourt i Business ikata Project System Assuance Ivertory Analyst Operator Inspector Maintenance Engineering Planner iily Quality Senior and MANUFACTURING COMMUNITY TAKES NEW IDEAS TO MARKET An ecosystem of small- and medium-sized specialized manufacturers, global service providers, and leading contract manufacturers enables rapid product cycles and breakthrough products. NUMBER OF BUSINESSES IN MANUFACTURING SAN JOSE METRO BUSINESS SIZE NUMBER OF BUSINESSES 2571 893 126 469 397 415 53 21 22 175 0-4 5-9 10-19 20-49 50-99 100-249 250-499 500-999 1000+ All 9 OF THE TOP 10 Leading Smartphone ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES COMPANIES ARE IN SV PARTS VENDORS WITH LOCATION IN SILICON VALLEY SanDisk, Milpitas Samsung Semiconductor, San Jose Qualcomm, San Jose ADVANCED SEMICONDUCTOR JABIL Elpidia (now Micron), Sunnyvale Dialog Semiconductor, Santa Clara Sony, San Jose Broadcom, Irvine/Sunnyvale exas Instruments, Sunnyvale ST Microelectronics, San Jose BENCHMARK FOXCONN, HON HAI SILICON VALLEY SANMINA REGION CELESTICA Avago, San Jose Skyworks, Santa Clara NXP, San Jose/Fremont AKM Semiconductor, San Jose RF Micro, San Jose/Scotts Valley Apple, Cupertino Cirrus Logic, (not in Silicon Valley) Murata, (not in Silicon Valley) FLEXTRONICS PLEXUS SILICON VALLEY MANUFACTURING ROUNDTABLE This industrial base is also an incredible local Manufacturing - the rapid, lean, flexible design and manufacturing that characterizes Silicon Valley - is critical to Silicon Valley's ability to innovate and remain economically urce for entrepreneurs who have an idea and want to develop a new product. For these reasons, the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Roundtable (SVMR) is bringing together manufacturers, educators, and stakeholders to support the broader industrial base. SVMR explores and responds to issues relevant to workforce needs, policy developments, land, public awareness, and component sourcing. res MANUFACTURERS ENTREPRENEURS INDUSTRIAL BASE PRODUCT NoɔMIS STAKEHOLDERS SOURCES: Burea of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Workforce Indicators, Santa Clara County, 2012 Burea of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics, San Jose Metropolitan Region, May 2012 Quarterly Workforce Indicators, 2011 California Employment Development Department, Q3 2011 Venture Outsource, 2012, iSuppli Research NSF Higher Education Research and Development Series, ACS Community Survery workforce statistics, author's calculations Brookings Institution, Patenting Activity in Metropolitan America: Brookings Institution, Patenting Activity in Metropolitan America: Richard Florida, Americas Top Metros VC, Brookings Institution, Hidden STEM Economy, Brookings Institution, Locating American Manufacturing,, jobs within 25 miles of San Jose Quarterly Workforce Indicators, 2011 Infographic sponsored by San Jose Office of Economic Development,, [email protected] :::::. || Management O Limited production O Design/prototype O R&D ROUNDTABL EDUCATORS

Manufacturing in Silicon Valley

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An in depth look at the San Jose/Silicon Valley manufacturing sectors contribution to the local economy


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