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Making a Will

The Import ance of... Making a Will If you have a will you can... There are plenty of reasons why you should make a will, and here we highlight 10 of the most important. Ensure your money and Provide for dependents Choose the people you trust to administer your estate. Appoint guardians to care Make gifts, such as cash property are distributed in accordance with your wishes after your death. for any young children. legacies to charities or friends and family. such as an elderly relative. . r For unmarried couples. ensure that the survivor is adequately provided for. Minimise conficts in the family following your Protect interests of children from a previous relationship. Minimise your Inheritance Tax liability on your death. Protect your estate from being used up in care death. home fees. If you don't have a will Your estate will be administered and distributed in accordance with the rules of intestacy, over which you will have no control, and which could have devastating consequences for those left behind. ............... £250,000 for desaths on or after 01v02/2009 £125,000 for deaths before 01/02/2009 1 NOTES £450,000 for deaths on or after 01/02/2009 2 £200,000 for deaths before 01/02/2009 ...... . ......... ....... .......... Are you marrled? Spouse gets everything. Is your estate worth more than E250,000? (See note 1) Do you have children? Shared equally between them. Spouse gets £250.000 and a life interest in half the remainder. Children get the rest. (See note 1) Do you have children? Do you have parents? Shared equally between them. Spouse gets £450,000 plus half the balance. Rest shared between Do you have parents? Do you have parents. (See note 2) brothers and sisters? Shared equally between them. Spouse gets £450,000 plus half the balance. Rest shared between brothers and sisters. (See note 2) Do you have Do you have grandparentst Shared equally brothers and sisters? between them. Spouse gets everything. ©-.i.o Do you have Shared equally between them. aunts and uncles? Everything goes to the government. Leaving a legacy When it comes to your will, it's only right that your family and friends come first in your thoughts. But that doesn't mean you can't also leave a gift to a cause close to your heart. A gift in your will can make a vital difference to saving someones life in the future. WE ARE MACMILLAN. CANCER SUPPORT 40000 Macmillan help thousands of people everyday fight the toughest battle they will ever face. Many of these people choose to help others affected by cancer by leaving a gift in their will. In fact gifts in wills fund over one in three of their services. They simply couldn't do what they do without them. One in four people have a Macmillan nurse, the other three aren't that lucky; with every penny counting, your legacy could mean that another person could have a macmillan nurse. docesslegal The specialist team at Access Legal from Shoosmiths will be able to offer you professional advice about making a will. For more Information, please feel free to.. Call the Access Legal helpline on 03700 86 86 86 (Lines are open seven-days-a-week) or emall [email protected] SHCOSMITHS

Making a Will

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You might think that it's important to make a will only if your estate is large enough. When there is a lot of money and property to go round, it's obviously essential to make a will to ensure your lo...


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