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Made in the USA: Why Manufacturing should return to America

MADE IN THE USA: WHY MANUFACTURING SHOULD RETURN TO AMERICA If you look at the tag on a product in your home, chances are high that it's Made in - a country other than the U.S. While outsourcing manufacturing might cut costs for big-brand manufacturers, American workers end up paying the price. By bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., we can grow the job market and drive the economy right here at home. SENDING JOBS OVERSEAS The first decade of the 2000s saw the worst loss of manufacturing jobs in U.S. history. US MANUFACTURING JOBS 33% loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs during the 2000s, a greater loss than during the Depression. PERCENTAGE OF U.S. WORKERS EMPLOYED n the MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY 10% >25% 1970 2010 4X AMERICAN GOODS FROM COMPANIES IMPORT CHINA AS THEY EXPORT AS MANY which has created a trade deficit of $315 BILLION 2001 2011 FROM TO 2.7 MILLION: AMERICAN JOBS LOST BETWEEN 2001-2011 DUE TO U.S.-CHINA TRADE DEFICIT $2,500: LOST WAGES PER YEAR U.S. WORKERS DIRECTLY LOST $37 FROM AN AVERAGE AMERICAN BILLION IN WAGES DUE TO JOB TWO-EARNER HOUSEHOLD DISPLACEMENT TO CHINA COMPETITION WITH CHEAPER FOREIGN LABOR DRIVES DOWN AMERICAN WAGES. THE GARMENT INDUSTRY IS ONE SUCH EXAMPLE OF LOW FOREIGN WAGES: (MONTHLY MINIMUM WAGE FOR TOP APPAREL-EXPORTING COUNTRIES ) MEXICO: $125 BANGLADESH: $68 CHINA: $138 INDIA: $71 MALAYSIA: $247 'IETNAM COLOMBIA: $307 CAMBODIA: $78 INDONESIA: $84 ETHICAL STANDARDS PROTEST CARE ABOUT SAFETY! Many foreign manufacturers are not held to the same ethical standards as American companies, which puts the workers at risk. Over 1,100 factory workers died in Bangladesh when the Rana Plaza building collapsed in April 2013. Workers had protested earlier that day over concerns about the factory's safety, but were coerced into returning to work. By reducing our dependency on imports and relying on AMERICAN MANUFACTURERS, we can SUPPORT HUMAN RIGHTS and the VALUES THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO OUR COUNTRY. ON THE HOMEFRONT : By bringing manufacturing back to the U.S, we can create jobs, reduce unemployment, and improve the quality of life for American workers. When U.S. unemployment peaked in 2010, nearly 3 million manufacturing employees had lost their jobs. PERCENTAGE OF AMERICAN ADULTS IN FINANCIAL TROUBLE AT SOME POINT IN THEIR LIFETIME REASONS INCLUDE: At least one year on government assistance 80% Income level 150% below poverty line Unemployment for any length of time 2013 AVERAGE PAY BY INDUSTRY By creating and protecting manufacturing jobs for Americans, more workers will have access to quality pay and company benefits, which will reduce the reliance on government assistance programs. $77,506 62, 546 U.S. MANUFACTURING WORKERS OTHER INDUSTRIES INDUSTRY 12.3 M EMPLOYED THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT AMERICAN MANUFACTURING IS ON THE RISE AGAIN. Now THE INFLUX OF AMERICAN-MADE PRODUCTS AND JOBS IS KEY TO STIMULATING THE ECONOMY WITHIN OUR COUNTRY. -11.3 M EMPLOYED in 2010 Consumer spending accounts for 70% of economic growth in the U.S. Manufacturing contributes $2.09 trillion to the U.S. economy, according to recent data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. For every $1 spent in manufacturing, $1.37 is added to the economy. Not only will American workers have more money to spend, American companies will pay taxes at home rather than overseas. We'll also increase our exports, which is key to reduce the trade deficit and give us more control of our political and economic future. So, importing goods from The labor cost gap between U.S. and China has OIL overseas is less cost-effective than it was a decreased almost 50% over the last 8 years decade ago. Oil costs $85 a barrel vs. $20 a barrel in 2001 Made in the USA means something. Not just within the states, but all over the world, it stands for quality and the hardworking people who created the product. By continuing to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US, we can support these workers and ensure that every product lives up to the Made in the USA seal. SOURCES: KAHNTOOLS AMERICAN MADE INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS # AMERICANS EMPLOYED IN MANUFACTURING 0002 2015 AVERAGE ANNUAL PAY WITH BENEFITS

Made in the USA: Why Manufacturing should return to America

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There has been a staggering loss of manufacturing jobs in the U.S. since the early 2000s, leaving many formerly booming industrial cities as near ghost towns. The competition with foreign labor is dri...







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