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London Infrastructure 2050 - Mayor of London

LONDON MAYOR OF LONDON e need for housing and other amenities. ure, and how do Londoners feel about it? INNOVATING TO USE INFRASTRUCTURE IN MAYOR OF LONDON 67% SMARTER WAYS Infrastructure is not just about physical assets and facilities, it is also about how such things are used. By thinking creatively, London's infrastructure can be UNLOCKING HOUSING GROWTH THROUGH TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE MAYOR OF LONDON Such significant growth means that large amounts of t will be needed for ure.ncuding in areas such as affordable REIMAGINING REDUNDANT INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPING DIGITAL NOS housing and transport put to use in a way that maximises the benefits it provides whilst keeping costs down. The transportation of people. goods and senices anund des is whal mas ten such successtul places. A good transport network can sis heip the preun on London's housing maket-witha postve efect on the chy's ompetees CONNECTIVITY ONDONERS THINK ND WHAT ARE INS? THINKING CREATIVELY ABOUT UNDERUTILISED INFRASTRUCTURE THE LONDON INFR VAPPING APPLIC BETTER TRANSPORT CONNECTIONS PLAY A VITAL ROLE IN BOOSTING HOUSING DELIVERY USING DATA TO GET MORE FROM INFRASTRUCTURE LONDONERS HAVE DIFFERENT CONCERNS ABOUT GROWTH ERS FEEL POSITIVE te te t unt OPENING UP INFRASTRUCTURE DATA ENCOURAGES DENSER, MORE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OPENS UP NEW AREAS TO DEVELOPMENT MAKES ESTING AREAS WORE ATTRACTIVE -63%- think the growth of the Land Int da eighboutood be broght ta Inte envice BENERS As with Transport for Landon data opening up intrastructure data getes ponsietes for the development of apos and toois tha could help millons of Londoners eery day What will be the next Citymapper0 oyster RERICIE Housing affordability, the avalability of health services, and the capacity of public transport top the lst of concerns which Londoners have about growth, with other issues such as the availability of green spaces somewhat less of a concerm th is positive COENREKLIEURI n is positive Housing affordability: 67% Road congestion: 24% Health services and waiting times S8% Pressure on green space: 20% COORDINATING INFRASTRUCTURE a is negative USING DATA TO BETTER MANAGE HOW LONDON CAN USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT IMPROVEMENTS TO BOOST HOUSING AALABLTY Public transport capacity: 44% The character of London's environment 11% h is negative Enough jobs being created: 31% High rise developments: 9% DELIVERY WITH DATA INFRASTRUCTURE groups, however. While a majority in among young Londoners those in hose not in favour of growth. Most Londoners- around six in every ten - think that future development will meet their needs in areas such as education, health and transport, however. Data sharing can make the delivery of inrastructure more efficient. Wouldn'tt be betteruity conpanies could coordinate when they needed to dig up rads, or intrastructure providers could share information on sklls gaps they were aly to tace Mow can infrastructure providers better share infermation Sensors offer the poentalu check the condition of intratrcte more chesply and wth es dengton. They pud a be et tg akf the tion and auly of intrastructue ats aking er to mode he impact of new developments 73% CREATING INFRASTRUCTURE THAT SERVES MORE THAN ONE PURPOSE A TUNNEL SOLVING TWO PROBLEMS AT ONCE CROSSRAL2 CROSSRAL CLICK AND mee SUPERMARKE USING LESS INFRASTRUCTURE BY BEING SMARTER HELPING LONDONERS USE LESS NORTHERN LINE EXTENSION Bintrion IF DEVELOPMENT IS TO HAPPEN, LONDONERS WANT IT TO BE DONE ON BROWNFIELD SITES' OFFERING NEW SERVICES IN FAMILIAR PLACES SPREADING THE LOAD end n demand onuld be Asked where new development should go. brownfield ates were the most popular option, chosen by 43% of Londoners By ancouraging uses to Bance hed br more ipune puid demand for ar othar ty ture be modera t and the sane a port an f be u Could e wed through hi New satellite towns in the south-east, with good links to L second most popular option, selected by 27% of Londoners a to London, were the ind of an apprach 0 nioping less well-uped parts of the greenbelt sumpunding London, developments in existing town centres, were the least SMARTER GROWTH PATTERNS

London Infrastructure 2050 - Mayor of London

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A series of cohesive visual stories communicating a distinctive and clear vision for the growth of London. Working closely with GLA we distilled a large amount of data transforming highlights into 10 ...




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