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Latinos in the RI Workforce

WORK in PROGRESS: LATINOS in the RI WORKFORCE BRODE ILAND LATINOS by the numbers A Growing Population. 138,550 PORTRAIT OF A LATINO WORKER IN RI LAT INO POPULATION IN RHODE ISLAND? THE WORKING AGE LATINO 5.6% POPULATION IN RI IS EXPECTED TO INCREASE BY 5.6% FROM 2010 TO 2020. ON THE JOB (13.2%) DURING THIS SAME PERIOD, THE NON-LATINO WORKING AGE POPULATION IS EXPECTED TO DECREASE BY 5.0%. 65% -5.0% RI'S POPULATION IDENTIFIED AS LATINO' LATINOS PARTICIPATING IN THE RI LABOR FORCE THIS IS NEARLY EQUAL TO AGES 16-64 WORKING AGE 53% THE STATE AVERAGE OF With Limited Job Opportunity. 66% AMOUNT THE RI LATINO POPULATION HAS INCREASED SINCE THE YEAR 2000 OPEN A YOUNG MAJORITY FOR BUSINESS Median Latino AGE in RI- 26 A GROWING POPULATION A TRAILING POPULATION THE NUMBER OF in in Median AGE in RI- 40 LATINO-OWNED BUSINESSES IN RI GREW AGE 69% 0-5 10% A SHRINKING INDUSTRY GROWTH CENTERS 16% FROM 2002 - 2007 5-17 25% 18% 23% 18-29 2X 37% ENGLISH SPOKEN HERE 119% 22% LATINOS ARE TWICE AS UKELY RI LATINOS EMPLOYED PART-TIME 30-44 AS NON-LATINOS TO WORK IN INVOLUNTARILY DUE TO MANUFACTURING ECONOMIC REASO NS 72% 28% 45-64 17% 35% 15% OF LATINO WORKERS IN RI 65+ 4% RI LOST LARGEST SHARE OF AI LATINOS (AG ES 25+) WITHOUT SPEAK ENGLISH MANUFACTURING JOBSIN A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA BI TOTAL RI LATINO OR EQUIVALENT ONLY OR WELL THE COUNTRY SINCE 1990 the latino policy institute rg wiaa Uuivet The Economic Progress Institute Data providad by "US Caraa Prajeciora, cakculuions by The Ecanomic Progw hatute hepwww.cragonpaplatienprajecioraldrtatallalshnt Enonic Pdioy hutae analpir of Curunt Popalatice Suvydata 2012 "ACS Z12, Table BISBOt "Ecanomic Folicy hutitu anlais ai Cunent Papulian Sury data I US Bunira Caraa Servay aiBuaiN Orar 380 Company Satirtica Serin Satirica ter Hiuparie-Ored Firru by Sare and Kindof Buirea 2002 ard 2007 "ACS D-2011 Detafanett 'Araican Caruiy Surwy2112 nerican Commnity Suay 2012 "ÚS Cenun DDand ACS 212.

Latinos in the RI Workforce

shared by Lakuna on Nov 05
A joint project of the Latino Policy Institute at Roger Williams University and the Economic Progress Institute, this infographic takes a look at the Latino population of RI and in particular those of...


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