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Input Capital Company Snapshot

INPUTCAPITAL THE AGRICULTURE STREAMING COMPANY SNAPS HO TSX-V: INP Input Capital is pioneering agricultural commodity streaming AKA "AG-STREAMING", Input Capital makes an up front payments to farmers who are looking for capital. In return, the company receives the right to purchase a share of the production at a fixed price for an extended period of time into the future. A PROVEN BUSINESS MODEL, CHANGING THE WAY WE INVEST IN THE AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY. CANOLA OPPORTUNITY IN CANADA BIG MARKET Western Canada's canola industry is Input Capital's initial focus because it is the most profitable commodity and has an addressable target market of 50,000+ FARMERS. Canadian farm assets equal $330+ BILLION with Western Canada accounting for 52% UNDERSERVED MARKET Significant shortage of financing available for WORKING CAPITAL in SECTOR CONSOLIDATION the farming sector that matches the needs and requirements of farmers Many farmers are faced with once in a lifetime EXPANSION opportunities they cannot afford on their own DEMOGRAPHICALLY DRIVEN Massive intergenerational transfer of farm assets over the next 10-15 years is expected to be over $30 BILLION in Saskatchewan alone. INPUT CAPITAL HAS BEST IN CLASS FARMING RELATIONSHIPS AND HAS THE LARGEST INVESTOR-TO-FARMER FOOTPRINT IN ALL OF SASKATCHEWAN CANADA • EDMONTON • SASKATOON • CALGARY • REGINA AMONG THE TEN PRODUCING FARMS: 100% of current streams will generate revenue in 2013 All ten are new contracts in 2013 Average contract duration = 6.1 years Average contract size = $1.75 million Farm partners range in size from 1,700 - 40,000 acres farmed FACTS ABOUT CANADIAN CANOLA Canola prices have been rising over the past two years predominantly due to increased demand from Asia, Exports to China alone have been growing at 36.4% over the past 10 Canadian canola has double the market share compared to potash and its exports are worth 8.5x more the war on trans fats in years. western economies, and the emerging biofuels industry. Input Capital is poised to take advantage as the ONLY PUBLIC COMPANY that provides investment exposure to Canadian canola production. CANOLA PRICES $600 OVER THE LAST DECADE $500 $400 $300 $200 $100 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 INPUT CAPITAL'S MANAGEMENT TEAM HAS DEVELOPED A STRONG TRACK RECORD AND ARE LEADERS IN CANADIAN AGRICULTURE INVESTING. It has a diversified $125+ MILLION portfolio of 117,000 ACRES of Saskatchewan farmland with: 136 high quality farming tenants The team launched its first farmland private equity fund in Canada in 2005, which is now the across Saskatchewan %24 LARGEST farmland investment fund in Canada. 20.2% IRR (net of all fees) since inception in 2005 SHAREHOLDERS CAPITAL STRUCTURE INPUT CAPITAL AS OF NOV. 21, 2013 43.8% Price $1.70 TSX-V: INP Widely Held 19.99% Nov. Jul. Cash Catlin Group ~$40 MILLION Private Investor .... -> 4.45% 12.66% Shares Outstanding 61.20 MILLION Other Institutional Fully Diluted Shares 64.78 MILLION 19.1.% Basic Directors & Mgmt Market Cap FD 21.9% ~$100 MILLION CROP SHORTFALL PROTECTION Input Capital remains unlevered and mitigates risk in volatile commodity markets via: CONTRACTUAL PROTECTION BEST IN CLASS FARMING RELATIONSHIPS EXECUTIVE VP, CFO & DIRECTOR: BRAD FARQUHAR FOR MORE INFORMATION: wWW.INPUTCAPITAL.COM (306) 347-7202 BRAD@INPUTCAPITAL.COM PRESENTED BY INPUTCAPITAL THE AGRICULTURE STREAMING COMPANY VISUAL CAPITALIST Educating a new generation of investors on resource investing and management VISUAL CAPITALIST $CAD per Tonne

Input Capital Company Snapshot

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Input Capital Corp. is the world’s first agricultural commodity streaming company. Input Capital is poised to take advantage of increasing prices and growing demand for canola as the only public co...


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