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Impact of meeting President Obama's goal of welcoming 100M international travelers to the U.S. by 2021

Impact of meeting President Obama's goal of So, what does this mean? What that means for * Welcoming 100 million international travelers to the U.S. by 2021 * STAYING HERE If we don't expand our current air travel infrastructure, here is what is AT RISK 3000 hotel rooms = 100 MILLION TRAVELERS ENTERING THE U.S. BY 2021 * WOULD MEAN.. HOWEVER, IT'S ESTIMATED THAT WE WON'T BE ABLE TO ACCOMMODATE 13.9M OF THESE TRAVELERS BASED ON THE NUMBER OF PASSENGER SEATS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE = 216,300 NEW HOTEL ROOMS 100 M The U.S. economy could lose... +37.7 M THAT'S MORE THAN DOUBLE THE ROOMS OF THE BIGGEST 25 HOTELS IN THE WORLD COMBINED * $59.6B in spending INTERNATIONAL WHICH BREAKS DOWN TO +16.9M +20.8M TRAVELERS INTERNATIONAL 44.8% TRAVELERS OVERSEAS CANADA & MEXICO 55.2% 477,000 American jobs ARRIVALS What that means for 60% ARE EXPECTED X $7.1 B in tax revenue GETTING HERE TO ARRIVE VIA +$92.5 B +$21.6 B In re tail spending +659,000 JOBS 15x greater than Ford's total U.S. employment = 10.000 flights ANDIS THE JOB LOSS WOULD THAT'S or WORTH IN INTERNATIONAL BE EQUIVALENT TO LOSING $ $10.9 B In tax receipts The automotive industry wouldn't stand for it.. AND NEITHER SHOULD WE. +$14.2 B In food service spending TRAVELER SPENDING TWO TIMES THE TOTAL JOBS FOR ALL An additional 16.9 million overseas visitors would mean... MOTOR VEHICLE PLANTS = 850,000 INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS IN THE U.S. +4.9M +5M +1.2M +3.4M THAT'S AN INCREASE OF an average increase of at international 30% DRIVERS OF VISITORS TO ATTENDEES AT VISITORS TO WHICH IS *tocay assumes 2011 totals U.S. TRAVEL ASSO CIATI ON Source: U.S. Travel Association estimates based on U.S. Department of Transportation and U.S. Department of Commerce - Office of Travel RENTAL CARS ATTRACTIONS SPORTS EVENTS NATIONAL PARKS 200,000 FLIGHTS gateway airports and Tourism Industries data

Impact of meeting President Obama's goal of welcoming 100M international travelers to the U.S. by 2021

shared by epod on Nov 23
What effect will welcoming 100M international travelers into the U.S. have on the economy and local businesses? And what is the risk if the current travel infrastructure does not expand?


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