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:::An illustrated guide to cryptocurrency slang:::

AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO CRYPTOCURRENCI SLANG) B WHALE Someone who owns a lot of cryptocurrency – usually 5% of any given coin – and is often blamed for unwanted price movements. "DON'T LET THE WHALES 11 DRIVE FEAR INTO THE MARKET " HODL A by-word for not panicking, HODL began with a typo for 'hold' and came to mean 'hold on for dear life. " KEEP CALM AND HODL DURING THIS SLUMP; YOU'LL BE REWARDE D WITH BIG GAINS BAG HOLDER Someone who is holding onto a currency that drops in price to the point of being worthless. " THEY CALL ME A BAG HOLDER, BUT I'M SURE IT'S GOING TO 60 BACK UP... " REKT A phrase from the gaming world, it means when a cryptocurrency plummets in value and wipes out investors. " LET'S HAVE A MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR ALL THOSE #REKT ON MARGIN CALLS" FUD An acronym for 'fear, uncertainty and doubt,' which are especially common when new investors flood the market or negative rumours spread in the media. "DON'T LISTEN TO THOSE RUMORS: THEY RE JUST SPREADING FUD" BEARWHALE A cross between a whale and a bear - that is, a trader who believes prices will fall. A BearWhale's sell-off can temporarily flatten the whole market, as it did with Bitcoin in 2014. " THAT BEARWHALE CAUSED INVESTORS A BIT OF HAVOC, BUT IN THE END WE SLAYED HIM TO THE MOON! The rallying cry of Bitcoin investors, it's the most common way to celebrate when a coin is on the up and up. "BITCOIN ISN'T JUST GOING TO HIT $50,000, IT'S GOING TO THE MOON! " VAPORWARE A virtual asset that has been built up by hype, but has nothing to back it up and is only going down in value. "AVOID BUYING INTO THAT ONE IT'S JUST MORE VAPORWARE" SHILL 33 An individual promoting altcoins for their own benefit. 11 "YOU CAN'T TRUST HIS PREDICTIONS: HE'S A TOTAL SHILL!" SOURCES • Montag, A. (2018) 'HODL, 'whale' and 5 other cryptocurrency slang terms explained. • Investopedia. (2017) Bag Holder. • Hankin, A. (2018) Don't fight the FUD: HODL onto this list of bitcoin terms you need in your vocabulary. • Wong, J. I. (2017) Buy and hodl, just don't get #rekt: The slang that gets you taken seriously as a bitcoin trader. • Steemit. (2017) Learn and Understand Crypto Lingo: HODL, REKT, FOMO & More Explained. 99 A O O This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License - BITCOINS BY RA

:::An illustrated guide to cryptocurrency slang:::

shared by sounas on Jul 31
Cryptocurrency slang infographic. Whale: ● Someone who owns a lot of cryptocurrency – usually 5% of any given coin – and are often blamed for unwanted price movements.


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