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The Human and Economic Costs of Car Crashes

CAR CRASHES THE HUMAN AND ECONOMIC COSTS Human toll FATAL CAR ACCIDENTS Of all fatal car crashes in 2010 70% 40,000 IN THE US of those who died WERE MEN 30,000 24% 20,000 - decrease in fatal crashes from 2005 10,000 43,510 42,708 41,259 37,423 33,883 32,885 32,310 2005 2006 2007 2008 2010 2011 However, IF BOTH A MAN AND A Lowest number of car crash deaths recorded since 1949. WOMAN WERE IN A SERIOUS CRASH, THE WOMAN IS MORE LIKELY TO DIE. In 2010, about one-third of all vehicle crash deaths involved a speeding driver. 2010 - A YEAR TO REMEMBER On average in the US every 12 minutes someone is killed in a car crash. Most car crash deaths occurred IN JULY 50% DU 10,228 In 2010 3,095 people were killed in alcohol-impaired car crashes. Of all fatal car crashes in 2010 happened on FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY DUIS cause nearly 1/5th of traffic deaths including substances other than alcohol such as cocaine and marijuana. Motorcycle crashes accounted for over TEENS 13% 4,309 MOTORCYCLISTS Auto accidents are the leading cause of death for teens. DIED IN CRASHES IN 2010 Double the number of deaths in 1997 of all traffic deaths in the US in 2010 48 I Unintentional injury LN Automobile accidents I Homicide Suicide IN 2010 13 3,115 TEENAGERS 11% DIED IN CAR CRASHES 11 Medical Complications 17 Other SWEET 16 16 YEAR OLDS HAVE HIGHER CRASH RATES THAN DRIVERS OF ANY OTHER AGE 2 out of 3 teens Drivers and passengers between ages 16 and 20 who were killed in car crashes. Of those, KILLED IN CAR CRASHES ARE MALE MORE THAN 50% WERE NOT WEARING SEAT BELTS. UNLICENSED DRIVERS Unlicensed drivers are nearly 3 times more likely to cause a deadly crash REVOKED SUSPENDED Drivers with a suspended or revoked license were 2.6 times more likely than licensed drivers to cause a deadly crash. than licensed drivers are. NEARLY 3% of U.S. drivers are unlicensed. DISTRACTED DRIVING is responsible for In 2011. at least 15 deaths every day. 3,331 consists of three parts Taking your eyes off the road. If you text while driving, you are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car crash. O VISUAL people were killed in crashes involving distracted driving. Taking your ® MANUAL hands off the wheel. Taking your O COGNITIVE mind off what you're doing. TEXTING WHILE DRIVING IS PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS, because it involves all three types of distracted driving. DEATHS BY STATE VEHICLE CRASH DEATHS PER 100,00O PEOPLE States with highest rates of vehicle crash deaths States with lowest rates of vehicle crash deaths 27.5 WYOMING 21.6 MISSISIPPI 4 WASHINGTON DC 19.3 ARKANSAS 4.8 MASSACHUSETTS 19.1 MONTANA 6.2 NEW YORK 18 ALABAMA 6.3 RHODE ISLAND 6.3 NEW JERSEY ECONOMIC TOLL the annual societal cost of car crashes Including medical and emergency $300 BILLION costs, lost earmings, property damage and reduced quality of life. Car crashes cost the equivalent of $1,522 per person in the U.S. in 2010 the cost to society for ONE DEATH $1.4 MILLION in a car crash In 2011, car insurance companies paid a total of in liability claims to policyholders who own passenger cars. $64 BILLION (Liability coverage pays for medical bills for crash-related injuries.) sources hitp /www.crg http /www.tars nhtsa dot govIMainhndex asp hp /www.mia orglautoteens/Teen Driving Statistics asp http //www.ihsorgtesearchitatality asprtopicName-Cender presented by http / p http wwwhs orghesearchtataity asprtopicName Motorcycles Carlnsurance Ntp./ aspxicp-documentid-498409 hmp /www.cdc govMotorvehiclesatery/Distracted Drivingndex htmi http//www.distraction gow/contentiget-the-factsitacts-and-statistics htmi https tles20LLUnlicensedz pdt hrp //wwwins. orgiresearchitatality asptopicName-OvervteworFatalityFacts DEVLOD htp // and-salety/car-crash statintes-based-on age-and ocation http:/husatoday30usatodaycom/news/nation/story/2011-11-02fatal-vehice-cashes-cost-milions1051030n htp:/www.nac.orginews_resources/injayanddeathstatistics Pages/EstimatingtheCostsofUnintentionalinjuries asp http //abcnews gocom/ABCUnivision/News/unlicensed-drivers-higher-rates-fatal-crashes-calformiaistoryd18239481 N NOWSOURCING atp //newsrcomaaa comv201/11/aaa-study-finda-custs-associated-with-rafc-cashes-are-more-than-tree-times-greater-than-conge eX

The Human and Economic Costs of Car Crashes

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This infographic provides a deeper look at the human and economic costs of car crashes.


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