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How to Take Control of Managing Your Finances

How to Take Control of (L) Managing Finances Your Juhna Pad 12 EllCERTIFIED TRUE Quick Tips Track your spending Spend two weeks to one month tracking how you spend your money before creating a budget. • Save receipts • Track expenses in a check book • Create a spreadsheet to track expenses • Write spending in a notebook • Align your "actual" spending habits with your "ideal" spending habits A Spending and Credit Cards Keep credit card expenses to a minimum. • Only use credit cards if you can consistently pay them' off each тonth Credit Card 0001 4492-0781 7376 • Don't always carry your credit cards R NAME LASTKANE • People pay less attention to the cost of an item when using a credit card Spending effectively Focusing your spending should be a priority and a good way of saving money. • Look for free shipping when ordering online Comparison shop to learn where to get the best prices • Wait 24 hours before a purchase to avoid "emotional spending" • Avoid stores where you typically "impulse" buy • Carry a limnited amount of cash Plan ahead Make a plan and stick to it. • Plan for retirement in advance • Don't just save – invest • Always set aside 6-8 months of income in case of job loss • Use the 50/30/20 rule 50% on essentials 30% on lifestyle choices (eating out, cable, vacations) 20% financial priorities (savings, paying off debts) Percentages Consumers by the numbers What percentages of Americans think the following are the best long-term (financial investments)? 8% Other 14% 30% Savings Ассоunt Real Estate 24% Gold 24% Stocks and Mutual Funds How Americans spent money? 4% Cash Contributions 3% Apparel and Services 5% Entertainment 33% Housing 7% All other expenditures 7% Healthcare 11% Insurance 17% Transportation 13% Food Sources get/a/How-Can-I-Keep-Track-Of-My-Spending-Patterns.htm ben-stein-how-to-manage-your-money-so-you-dont-go-broke/ effective-ways-to-manage-your-spending http:/www.bls.gor/news.release/cesan.nr0.htm NationalPositions Profitable Internet Marketing HECHWORKS AN ANERICAN TRADITION

How to Take Control of Managing Your Finances

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As you grow up it's important to have a proper hold over your finances. Learn about effective spending with CheckWorks today!


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