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How to Survive a Protest

HOW TO SURVIVE A PROTEST Tired of being screwed by "The Man"? Has studying philoso- phy and French at your four-year liberal arts school left you physi- cally incapable of starting a violent riot? Do you still naively believe that peaceful protests could affect change in a democratically elected government? Well, you're in luck! With "Occupy Wall Street" in full swing and similar protests popping up in cities all over the world, you can start protesting the world's injustices TODAY. But first here are a few pointers to get you in and out intact: PREPARING: A successful protest begins before you leave your house. Prepare properly and you'll be good to go: Wear glasses, not contacts. Contacts will complicate things in the event that you are maced. O Bring a scarf, sunglasses, surgical masks or something that will help conceal your face. It'll help minimize privacy and secu- rity issues. But definitely keep last year's Halloween mask at home. Q Be mindful of what you're wearing. You want to be comfortable, but you're bound to draw Bring a real, valid photo ID. If you get arrested, you don't want the cops toss- ing you in a dirty holding cell indefinitely just because your fake Guy Fawkes ID doesn't match up.Q awkward stares if you're wear- ing Nike sweat- pants and sneakers at a Child-Labor Protest. O Bring extra markers and cardboard. You don't want to go all the way down to a protest just to see that some- one has the same war- Do your homework. Educate yourself on the issue so you come off as informed and passionate - not a blubbering fool.O mantra. O Bring an appropriate amount of food/drinks for however long you plan on staying. Nothing breaks spirit like the munchies. (Disregard if you're attending a hunger strike.)O Leave the alcohol at home. Sure you may be looking for a good time, but you'll want to be able to focus on the matter at hand.O EXECUTING: Remember, protests are just like any other social struc- ture. If you aren't the best looking, you better be better-informed, louder, or smarter than the rest of the protesters. Behave. Stay and don't loose your temper. Uncontrolled behavior will hurt the protest. Watch your pockets. A large group of protesters probably looks like a candy store to pickpockets. Keep your money and ID where thief can't get to it. O IIIIII| Avoid the front lines or edge. That's likely where trouble will be, and you'll be an easy target for police.O not take N.W.A.'s advice on this one. Even if you disagree, it's ma probably best to do what they say and preserve the relationship... and your eyes from being pepper sprayed.Q AFTERMATH: IF THINGS TURN VIOLENT: Most protests are meant to stay peaceful, but as we've seen down on Wall Street, it doesn't take much for things to get messy. Getting maced/pepper sprayed: Don't panic or rub your eyes. If you wear contacts, have someone with clean hands pull them out and throw them away. O- Getting arrested: Don't give the cops any a reason to be mad at you. Comply more Be cautious going home. You never know if a crazy will follow you home. Stay in a public place until you're sure you're safe then take an indirect route home. and be aware of your rights. Ọ Getting tear gassed: Leave the area immedi- ately, change clothes and wash exposed skin as soon as possible. Clean up. No one likes a messy protester. Pick up litter as you leave as a sign of respect. Q *Not condoning the above, just what to do if it does happen.* PROTEST FACTS: 1920 Longest hunger strike: 94 days (without force feeding) by John and Peter Crowley, Thomas Donovan, Michael Burke, Michael O'Reilly, Christopher Upton, John Power, Joseph Kenny and Seán Hen- nessy at the prison of Cork in 1920. Most demonstrations in 24 hours: 23, achieved by the Freman College Amnesty International Group in London, 2010. Largest protest: 3 million gathered in Rome in 2003 to protest the US's threat to invade Irag. Reports claim that millions more protested in hundreds of cities around the world that same day. ** INFORMATION PROVIDED BY:, Best Colleges Online HEAYY

How to Survive a Protest

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Tired of being screwed by "The Man"? Has studying philosophy and French at your four-year liberal arts school left you physically incapble of starting a violent riot? Do you still naively believe that...


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