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How successful people spend their free time

★ ★★ HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE SPEND THEIR FREE TIME 25 While the world's most successful people understand the value of hard work, they also know it's about playing hard too. BINGO 12 51 6 17 39 So when the rock stars have left the stage, 4 35 34 42 28 6 30 49 34 15 and the sportsmen have left the playing field, how do they wind down and relax? 62 20 13 24 19 ТЕCH ELON MUSK 007 PayPal founder SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED Other than his love of work – Musk is a self-proclaimed workaholic – he enjoys padding out his collection of James Bond memorabilia. In 2013, Musk won the famed submarine-capable Lotus Esprit from 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me at auction – spending $830,000 on the slick submersible. PPW 306R FILM JOHNNY DEPP Actor MOVE OVER KEN As result of too much playtime with his daughter, Depp admits to collecting and playing with Barbie dolls in his spare time. Barbie "When my daughter was little I played a lot of Barbie.. I guess it's when I got caught by myself with the Barbies that really did it." TV DAVID LETTERMAN Former television host LIFE IN THE FAST LANE Co-owner of the Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing team, Letterman is an 57 avid fan of high-speed racing. "When you see a race and you see people drive these cars with such precision, what they are able to achieve and what they are able to control, it's like watching ballet." MUSIC JACK WHITE Musician STUFFED AND FLUFFED When he's done touring and writing records, White turns his focus towards building his taxidermy collection. White once appeared on the TV show American Pickers, where he traded a phone booth for an elephant's head. SPORT 9 25 CRISTIANO RONALDO BINGO 6 17 39 12 51 Footballer 28 4 35 34 42 34 15 30 BINGO! 19 73 24 62 20 While the rest of his team play video games, Ronaldo enjoys a BINGOO 12 51 6 17 39 game or two of bingo off the pitch. "It can be very exciting because 35 34 42 28 you can be there waiting for a 30 34 15 long time for just the one number to make the game complete." 62 20 73 24 19 TECH RICHARD BRANSON Virgin Group founder GONE WITH THE WIND When he isn't running over 400 companies under the Virgin banner, Branson likes taking advantage of the wind and goes kitesurfing. In 2014, Branson set a world record for the most people riding a kitesurf board off the shoreline of his private island in the Caribbean. FILM WILL SMITH Actor EN GARDE! When Smith isn't filming for the big screen, he's putting on his head guard and getting stuck in with some fencing. Smith doesn't challenge just anyone to a duel, he's known to spar with friends Tom Cruise and David Beckham. TV OPRAH WINFREY Former television host READ ALL ABOUT IT Winfrey is a woman of many pastimes, including acting, producing on Broadway, philanthropy, and most of all, reading. Not only does Winfrey enjoy a quiet book to herself, she also enjoys curating her Oprah Book Club, selling 55m “Oprah Editions" of the 70 titles she's selected. MUSIC TAYLOR SWIFT Musician SNOW IN A JAR Many people love arts and crafts, but not many take their arts and crafts as seriously as Swift, who loves making her own snow globes off stage. "Home made snow globes with friends. The whole fleet!" SPORT TIGER WOODS Golfer HOOK, LINE, AND SPEARER An avid outdoorsman, Woods' favorite pastime is going off land and diving in to hone his skills at spearfishing. "I love fishing and I love diving. You just combine the two." From a collector's itch to a need for speed – on land or the ocean – it's clear that nearly anything can become a pastime. However normal or strange your 25 own hobbie might be, just know that somewhere out there, Ronaldo is playing bingo. SOURCES Byrne, A. (2011). Taylor Swift's new hobby: making snow globes. Celebs Now. (2008). Cristiano Ronaldo loves bingo. Irvine, C. (2013). Billionaire Elon Musk admits he bought James Bond's submarine car. James, G. (2015). Top 10 weird hobbies of famous entrepreneurs. Keller, L. (2015). How 8 of the world's most successful women spend their free time. Lynch, K. (2014). Sir chard Bransc sets new record most people riding a kitesurf board. Margaret, J. (2015). Top 10 surprising hobbies of the elite. Marsico, N. (2015). 15 athletes with downright strange hobbies off the field. Midland Reporter-Telegram. (2005). Diving, fishlng combo a dangerous delight, even to Tiger Woods. Moore, J. (2015). 16 rock stars with surprising and weird hobbles. MTV. (2014). Johnny Depp admits he enjoys playing with Barbies and painting elephants. NME. (2015). Inside The White Stripes' taxidermy and junk-filled Detroit HQ. Nster. (2015). Top 14 hobbies of celebrities. Rahal Letterman Lanigan. (2015). David Letterman. Weisman, A. (2012). The down-to-earth interests and hobbies of Richard Branson. © 00 This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License - www.creativecommons.orglicenses/by-sa/4.0 900

How successful people spend their free time

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While the world’s most successful people understand the value of hard work, they also know it’s about playing hard too. So when the rock stars have left the stage, and the sportsmen have left the...


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