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How the Richest 400 Americans Got Rich

400 RICHEST AMERICANS The Forbes 400: Who They Are and How They Did It nerdwallet We de the hemnerk fer yeu Total Net Worth of the 400 Richest Americans: Average Worth: $4.2 Billion $1.7 TRILLION 1.1 Billion 66 Billion Average Age: 65.75 Years Old USA 28 Years Old 97 Years Old Financial Services and Hedge Funds 20.25% I Consumer Retail 11.25% - I Computer/Tech/Web 105% Venture Capital 1.25% Agriculture 2.5% Sports 2.5% Cil and Energy 9.25%- |Company Buyouts 2.75% Medical and Pharmaceutical 3.5% THE 400 RICHEST AMERICANS BY INDUSTRY Telecom and TV 4.25% Media and Entertainment 45% Food and Restaurant 5.75% Travel and Tourism 6.25% Other 7% Real Estate and Construction 8.5 % Other includes: diversified, advertising, auto, outsourcing, manufacturing, logistics services, insurance, and legal Source: TOP 10 NERDIEST SOURCES OF RICHES: HAIR PRODUCTS BEANIE BABIES Ty Wamer's $2.4b makes us wonder what other collections the man who AND TEQUILA John Paul Deloria's 54b CANDY STAR WARS comes primarily from Pau Mitchell hair products and Patron tequila -what a imvented beanie babies CHEESE George Lucas $3.36 fortune from the Star Wars The Mars family's $17b wasn't made by just any candy, but by the famous Mars bar, Snickers, and Twbr gang, among others. has at home, too. series is impressive to us nerds- may the force be with him. James Leprino's $2.6b cheese empire, the world's largest mozzarrella cheese producer, sounds delicious winning pair . PANDA EXPRESS BILLBOARDS CAMPBELL SOUP (AND BASEBALL) The Cherng family's $2b loot, from the best greasy mall food of all time Panda Express, fills us with hunger and admiration. Charlotte Colket Weber's $12b from Campbell Soup is nothing to spit at - but it is something to slurp on? s Arturo Moreno's $1.1b may be small compared to Bill Gates' stash, but it's not bad if you can use your love of baseball and bilboards to get rich TRUCKING SALSA Johnelle Hunt's $1.6b from one of the largest U.S. trucking and trailer companies actually makes a lot of sense, given how much online shopping Christopher Goldsbury's $1.3b comes from popularizing picante salsa, then selling the Pace Salsa empire to Campbell soup. AK we do nerdwallet dee orker

How the Richest 400 Americans Got Rich

shared by SusanLyon on Sep 28
NerdWallet’s Forbes 400 infographic breaks down the numbers behind the Forbes 400 Richest Americans to find out which industries are the most prominently represented by the superrich. It breaks dow...


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