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How the Poor Economy Has Led to Poor Nutrition

How the Poor Economy Has Led to Poor Nutrition In one year People who had 5 or more People who People who ate healthy all day yesterday has decreased by 2% servings of fruits and vegetables at least 4 days a exercised for 30 minutes at least .6% 3 days a week decreased by .7% week decreased by -1.9% People who smoke have -2% .7% -1.9% increased by .6% The decline of fruits and vegetables consumption over one year Gender Age Race/Ethnicity Women Men 18-29 Hispanic White Black 77% of workers 43% of workers said polled said they always feel "burned out" on the job. their job-stress levels have increased over the past six months. Workplace stress costs at least $300 billion a year through absenteeism, accidents, insurance costs and medical claims 35% of people with 21% of 39% of heart cancer people with diabetes disease patients say the economic downturn has hurt their health 19% of people with diabetes say they have skipped or delayed medical appointments to save money Almost a quarter of people with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer have gone 15% have delayed or into credit card put off recommended debt to meet tests medical expenses 18% of diabetes patients say they haven't been able to follow recommended diets The recession has been blamed for the sharp increase in suicides in Clark County last year 382 400 346 359 67% XXX of Americans drink alcohol, bringing alcohol consumption at a 25-year high 2007 2008 2009 2010 Nearly one-third of Americans are literally losing sleep over the economy 30% of calls to suicide hot lines are related to economic distress Spending medical care climbed at a = the smallest 2.7% increase over the last 50 years annual rate per person in the first half of 2010 Among people who have lost their jobs in the last year (2009-2010) 71% have suffered from symptoms of depression 55% have suffered from symptoms of stress 52% have suffered from symptoms of anxiety Among those who had experienced a drop in salary or cut in their hours or days: 45% said they had experienced stress 48% said they had experienced symptoms of anxiety-- symptoms 51% said they had experienced symptoms of depression A study of 26 European countries between 1970 and 2007 found that 0.79% rise in suicides at ages younger than 65 years increase in for every Cent unemployment For the third consecutive year, 1 in 6 Americans live in households that are food insecure 16 million are children Of the nearly 49 million Americans that experience food insecurity 10 million are African-Americar 13 million are Latino During the depression, suicide rates reached an all-time high of 22.1 suicides per 100,000 individuals - a 22.8% increase SOURCES: http://www.lasvegassun. .com/news/2011/apr/11/tough-times-slow-recovery-las-vegas-may-be-factor-/ CREDITLOAN REAL ANSWERS. REAL SOLUTIONS. -2.2% 0%9L- 30-44 -0.8% 45-64 %9 -1.1% 65+ -2.5% Asian 0%67- -1.8% -1.5% -0.6%

How the Poor Economy Has Led to Poor Nutrition

shared by IGEmp on Dec 28
This nfographic provides information about the relation to the economic downturn and eating nutritiously. Studies, surveys and statistics find that the bad economy has caused people to buy and consume...


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