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How Much Gold Is Left In The World?

HOW MUCH GOLD IS LEFT IN THE WORLD? HOW MUCH GOLD? Gold has been one of the most highly valued-and universally sought-after-- precious metals since time immemorial. Unlike most metals, it has also played a central role in monetary policy for centuries, and its fluctuating value remains an important factor in the world economy to this day. This infographic will help you better understand the role of gold in the world and its continuing relevance. HOW DO WE USE IT? THERE IS APPROXIMATELY 165,000 METRIC TONS OF GOLD AVAILABLE IN THE WORLD. CHINA MINES MORE GOLD THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY. THAT GOLD WOULD FILL ABOUT 3.5 OLYMPIC SWIMMING POOLS. The other major gold-mining nations are Australia, The U.S., Canada, Peru, Indonesia, and Ghana. THE UNITED STATES HAS MORE GOLD RESERVES THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY OR ORGANIZATION. The other top holders of gold reserves are Germany, the International Monetary Fund, Italy, France, SPDR, and China. IT WOULD WEIGH NEARLY 17 TIMES AS MUCH AS THE EIFFEL TOWER. INDIA CONSUMES MORE GOLD THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY. China and the United States are second and third in gold consumption, respectively. THE PURCHASING POWER OF GOLD VS. THE DOLLAR Gold coins Gold bars Gold certificates Gold futures Gold options Gold mining shares Mutual funds Gold exchange traded funds AAAAA 1920: OR IN GOLD LEAF FORM, IT WOULD COVER SWITZERLAND. ONE OUNCE GOLD COIN 20 DOLLAR BILL NEW SUIT 2012: ONE OUNCE GOLD COIN 20 DOLLAR BILL COMPARED TO THE U.S. DEBT THE AMERICAN MARKET VALUE OF ALL GOLD CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN THE WORLD IS 8 TRILLION DOLLARS. If you could buy all of that gold using only one-dollar bills, you would need 18 of tankers available on Earth to hold the money. IF ALL AVAILABLE GOLD WERE DIVIDED EVENLY BETWEEN EVERYONE ON EARTH, EVERY PERSON WOULD GET 24 GRAMS OF PURE GOLD. (ENOUGH FOR FIVE 18-CARAT GOLD RINGS) argest oil THE CURRENT U.S., DEBT IS APPROXIMATELY 16 TRILLION DOLLARS. You would need 36 oil tankers to hold enough one-dollar bills to pay off the national debt. THE PRICE OF GOLD AND WHY IT MATTERS IN 1944, THE UNITED STATES AGREED TO THE BRETTON WOODS SYSTEM, WHICH SET UP A WORLDWIDE SYSTEM OF MONETARY STANDARDS. IN 1971, PRESIDENT NIXON SIGNED AN EXECUTIVE ORDER ENDING THE CONVERTIBILITY OF U.S. DOLLARS TO GOLD, EFFECTIVELY ENDING THE BRETTON WOODS SYSTEM. GOLD HAS BEEN USED TO MAKE COINS AND OTHER FORMS OF CURRENCIES AT LEAST SINCE THE BRONZE AGE. Since then, the world value of gold has been a floating asset, or a value that continually fluctuates. The first known coin to contain an ounce of pure gold was minted by South Africa in 1967. THE VALUE OF GOLD TENDS TO RISE DURING RECESSIONS. In U.S. dollars, the current value of gold is $1,771.85 per ounce. RESOURCES http:/ INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: nations-2011china-australla-united-states-russia-south-africa html E2%80%99s-gat-the- gold-who%E2%80% 995-mining-it/ we-enter-recession-or-depression the-day-how-much-is-the-us-national-debt-in-gold/239338/ CAPITAL GOLD GROUP STARTWITHGOLD.COM

How Much Gold Is Left In The World?

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"Going for the gold" isn't just a good life strategy; it's a good investment strategy. The United States has more gold reserves than any other country in the world! Is buying gold right for your portf...


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