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How Much Does Prom Cost?

How mucH DOES PROM GOST? The cost of prom for the average American teenager in 2012 was 458% higher than it was for teens just one decade ago. At this rate, you can expect 2022's prom expenses to reach the ballpark of $5,000. 2011 2012 In 2011, the average prom-goer In 2012, teens are only paid for 42% of the expenses out of pocket. covering 39% of total expenses, leaving 61% to be covered by their parents. While each individual expenditure may not seem like that much, they really add up when all is said and done. Here are the national averages of how much money Americans spend on each item. so WHERE DOES ALL THÁT MONEY Go? money Go? Hair ($20 - $50) Makeup ($15 - $68) Jewelry ($15 - $50) Tиxedo ($127 - $227) Boutonniere ($5 - $10) Corsage ($20 - $40) Handbag ($23 - $60) Tickets ($20 - $250) Dress ($100 - $400) Limousine ($100 - $500) Dinner ($30 - $125) After Party Shoes ($20 - $150) ($45 - $75) tHE BREAKDOWN BY REGION In a country of this size, it's nearly impossible not to have variations in levels of cost and expenses across the nation. The proms across the country differ on many levels, from costs of living to societal standards of glamor. the Northeast $1,944, the Midwest $696 the South $1,047 the West $744 Culture &e Media so wHY DOES PROM COst so miucH? Pop Reality television and main- stream entertainment are two of the leading factors contributing to the increasing costs associated with Prom night. With celebrities living the high life, the youth of today are instilled with the desire to experience the lifestyles of the rich and famous. For most high schoolers, Prom is the closest they'll ever get to partying like a rock star, so they spare no expense. Sources:,9171,1987594,00.html#ixzz1sJNFDrqW Celebrities_Who Were_Popular CASH STORE

How Much Does Prom Cost?

shared by andriyz on Apr 30
How much is one night of dancing and celebration worth? According to recent data by Visa, it's all about where you live. Prom is a coming of age event that some teens look forward to while others try...


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