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How Gold Is Making The World A Better Place

HOW GOLD S MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE An Infographic By PHYSICAL GOLD Jewellery 78% Of gold each year is made into jewellery. 24 Is Pure 75% Is 18 Of Gold Karats Karat Gold In Space Astronaut helmets have a layer of gold coating them to reflect harmful doses of radiation from the sun. 41 kg of gold was used in the construction of the US Columbia space shuttle. Smartphones Each phone contains around 1 Ton of Phones 50 cents 280g of Gold of Gold Medicine Lagophthalmos (is an eye condition meaning you can't fully close it). Gold gets inserted in to the upper eye lid making it heavy which helps you close it. Without Gold With Gold Dentistry Gold has been used in dentistry since 0000 700 BC For replacing broken and missing teeth. Gold alloys are used in crowns, fillings, bridges and orthopedic instruments. 10 60 tonnes 10 10 of gold is used per year in these procedures. 10 10 10 Computers Gold is a good Conductor of Electricity and allows information to move through the computer quickly. It is also used in Motherboard Computer chips. PHYSICAL GOLD LTD SECURE YOUR WEAL TH AND FUTURE

How Gold Is Making The World A Better Place

shared by sheldrickb on Oct 25
Why is gold such an important part of anyone's investment portfolio today? This graphic shows you how gold is being used more and more in every day technology and electronics that makes the commodi...


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