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How The Global Pandemic Transformed The Gig Economy

Ami BKE How The Global Pandemic Transformed The Gig Economy In 2020, the gig economy grew 33% – expanding 8.25x faster than the U.S. economy as a whole Gig Work By The Numbers IN THE LAST 6 YEARS, The Gig Economy Has Doubled In Size 1.1 BILLION 2 MILLION gig workers worldwide - 55 million in the U.S. Americans tried gig work for the first time in 2020 BY 2027, ALMOST HALF OF THE US POPULATION WILL HAVE ENGAGED IN GIG WORK The Monumental Effects Of COVID-19 14% 12% 59% 17% unemployment during the pandemic of freelancers saw a dip in income of the US workforce saw no payments from clients or contractors picked up gig work for the first time COVID-19 SPURRED THE GROWING GIG ECONOMY The Growing Demand For Delivery Service DELIVERY IS ONE OF THE FASTEST-GROWING GIG VERTICALS Expected to reach a total value of $200 billion by 2025 • Growing at a rate of 10.3% each year • Full-time drivers make almost $50,000 a year WHY DELIVERY SERVICES BECAME POPULAR Country-wide lockdowns prevented travel • Concerns about the outbreak kept people indoors • Restaurants limited capacity or completely shut down 34% GIG WORK OFFERS MORE THAN FOOD DELIVERY Ride-hailing (Uber, Lyft) • Food & groceries (DoorDash, Uber Eats) • Retail products (Instacart) Running errands (TaskRabbit) of American workers are involved in the gig economy Can The Gig Economy Provide A Living Wage? The Nature Of Gig Work WHAT IT ISN'T WHAT IT IS Full-time employment Flexible employment X Obligatory labor x Industry-specific Project-based work Open to anyone at all times The Benefits Of Gigs BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE 58% of gig workers work less than 30 hours a week HIGHER PAY 70% more than traditionally-employed peers FLEXIBLE WORK HOURS AVAILABLE TO ALL 74% of freelancers chose gig work for greater flexibility High school grads earn as much as those with MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO COME 73% of American hiring managers are expecting to hire more gig workers post-pandemic degrees The Future Of Gig Work 4 IN 5 U.S. OF ALL ORGANIZATIONS 50% HAVE ALREADY COMPANIES DONE SO are planning to increase their use of gig workers 70% of gig workers find work through digital platforms 65% believe a diverse clientele provides more job security than a full time job Gig Work Is Here To Stay – It produces almost 6% of the American GDP AT LEAST 7 MAJOR CATEGORIES HOME SERVICES PERSONAL SERVICES COMPUTER SERVICES • Construction • Repair Moving Babysitting • Hair & Makeup • Personal Training • Data Entry • Phone Repair • Remote Work AUTOMOTIVE EVENT & ENTERTAINMENT • Detailing Delivery Repair Photography & Videography • Bartending • Music & DJs O = O FREELANCE will play an GENERAL LABOR ANIMAL CARE enormous role in post-pandemic • Yard Work • Maintenance • Other Tasks Dog Walking • Pet Sitting Bathing & Grooming recovery BY 2027, MORE THAN 86.5 MILLION AMERICANS WILL ENTER THE GIG ECONOMY How To Break Into The Gig Economy LOOK FOR OPENINGS • Ask friends which services are popular in your area • Check online job boards that specialize in gigs • Search the App Store or Google Play for the right app BUILD YOUR PROFILE • Create a short bio with a professional photo • Provide details about your work experience Verify your identity with certificate and authentication TRY SOMETHING NEW • Select a wide range of services and jobs you can provide Accept varied tasks to test your talents and gain experience • From skilled work to manual labor, it is all available ASK FOR REVIEWS 92% of people trust word-of-mouth more than ads • Good ratings and reviews will help you find more gigs Post photos of your work and completed projects DO YOUR BEST • Go the extra mile in all your work • Be warm and friendly with your gig clients Dress professionally, arrive clean and tidy PRACTICE SAFE HABITS Use gig apps that offer ID verification and reviews • Use in-app chats to discuss specifics for each gig EARN A LIVING WAGE Beware of each gig platform's fees and take rates Research platform policies before taking a gig A LOT OF REALLY GREAT PEOPLE ARE INCREASINGLY LOOKING FOR FLEXIBILITY IN THEIR WORK, AND A LOT OF THEM ARE FINDING IT VIA THE GIG ECONOMY. Branden Beneschott, Cofounder & COO of Toptal DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Wage App Is An Easy Way To Try Out The Gig World for gig workers and those looking to hire Pick up positions and services on demand WAGE APP OFFERS TRUST-BUILDING FEATURES ID VERIFICATION REVIEWS & STAR RATINGS IN-APP CHAT AND MORE Safe, easy, and fun work – Grow your skills in a low-risk environment TRY OUT A GIG IN OUR LARGEST INDUSTRIES HOME SERVICES BUSINESS & REMOTE WORK PERSONAL SERVICES EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT ANIMAL CARE GENERAL LABOR Lo o AUTOMOTIVE LOOKING FOR A GIG OR NEED TO HIRE HELP? DOWNLOAD WAGE APP ON THE APP STORE AND GOOGLE PLAY SOURCES wage DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING Yob

How The Global Pandemic Transformed The Gig Economy

shared by NowSourcing on Nov 05
The pandemic changed a lot for our world and the gig economy saw a lot of that change.




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