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How Federal Funding to States Has Changed

STATELINE INFOGRAPHIC BUDGET How federal funding to states has changed Federal money on average accounts for about a third of state budgets, but the amount varies widely among the states. 29 12 STATES STATES STATES 20-29% 30-39% 40-49% Mississippi relies the most heavily on federal funds, at 49 percent of its budget in 2011, while less than a WA MT OR MN ID SD NY WI quarter of Alaska's budget comes from Washington. WY IA PA NE OH DE IL IN UT CA KS * KY Federal funds TN AZ OK AR NM SC MS AL GA TX during the recession Federal stimulus funds boosted percentages during the recession, but they are starting to return to pre-recession levels. Percent change in federal funds: 2007 to 2011 AZ 47% CT 39 ARIZONA VA FL 33 MI 33 DE 32 Arizona experienced the largest decline in state tax collection from 2007 to 2011, with state taxes MD 31 KS 31 NM 31 ID 31 bringing in $3.6 billion fewer dollars in 2011. Arizona's share of federal funding went up by 47 percent, more than the national average. TN 31 WI 29 UT 29 MO 28 MA 27 OR 26 PA 26 NV 26 HI 26 ут 26 IA 26 CO 25 MN 25 NJ 25 STATE REVENUE тX 24 SOURCES IL 24 WA 24 Other он 24 11 8 OK 23 Service Charges 46% wy 23 OIL Taxes NORTH DAKOTA CA 21 KY 21 35 ME 21 Federal Grants SC 20 Oil helped North Dakota's tax collection shoot up from 2007 to 2011, with oil-related мT 20 AR 20 State taxes and federal IN 19 funds account for RI 19 more than 80 percent of state budgets, while service charges, such as college tuition and hospital fees, and other charges such as insurance premiums SD 18 severance taxes NC 18 accounting for a $1.5 billion increase in that time. The state NE 17 GA 15 NY 14 AL 12 received slightly more federal dollars during the period, but that money accounted for less of the state budget. AK 11 and other fees account for the rest. NH LA 6 -2 WY MS -17 ND Sources: National Association of State Budget Officers; U.S. Census Bureau, 2011 Annual Survey of State Govemment Finances. Stateline infographic by: Evan Potler, Carla Uriona and Ben Wieder January 22, 2013

How Federal Funding to States Has Changed

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Although federal money meted out to states accounts for about a third of state budgets (on average), the actual amount per state varies greatly. This graphic shows, by state, which percentage of each ...


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