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How do structured settlements work?

HOW DO STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS WORK? YOU GET HURT There were Falls account for over There were an estimated 21,132 8 MILLION 113,272 EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT-TREATED INJURIES PASSENGER VEHICLE OCCUPANTS HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM VISITS, who lost their lives in traffic representing the leading cause of visits (21.3%). Slips and falls associated with inflatable crashes in 2013 and an estimated amusements in the years 2.05 million passenger vehicle occupants who were injured. account for over 1 million visits, 2003-2013. or 12% of total falls. YOU SUE THE INSURANCE COMPANY, & SETTLE FOR A STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT More than Over 37,000 The average structured settlement payout is $6 MILLION $324,000 AMERICANS is paid each year to fund new use structured settlement structured settlements. money every year. YOU USE YOUR STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT TO SUPPORT YOURSELF If you need more money than your payments provide, you can sell your structured settlement. Be aware that selling off an annuity can cost surrender charges of up to With an "immediate" annuity, you can generally start receiving payments in about 92% 30 10% DAYS. of claimants who sell their structured settlement are satisfied with their decision. PARTING THOUGHTS SMALL-SIZED SETTLEMENTS MEDIUM-SIZED SETTLEMENTS LARGE-SIZED SETTLEMENTS A STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT IS THE BEST OPTION TO PREVENT YOU FROM USING IT TOO QUICKLY AND REDUCE TAKEN AWAY FROM TAXES. TAKE THE LUMP SUM SETTLEMENT BE CAUTIOUS. TAKE THE LUMP SUM IE IT'S LESS THAN $150,000 The lump sum settlement is the traditional method for settling a case. The defendant sends you a check, you cash the check, and the case is over. You should take a lump sum settlement for all small settlements and most medium-sized settlements (less than $150,000 or so). But if you are settling a larger case, a structured settlemer is a better idea, as it prevents you from spending the money too quickly, and it reduces the amount taken away from taxes. SOURCES: Deaths and Injuries_2015.pdf Qualified-Settlement-Funds-Regulating-in-Accordance-with-Structured-Settlement-History.pdf Brought to you by: İSETTLEMENTS.COM

How do structured settlements work?

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Structured settlements are not as complicated as they might seem. Here’s what you should know.


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