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How Dependent is The UK Economy on Freight Carried by Ferry?

Freight Economics How dependent is the UK economy on freight carried by ferry? I..----... The Freight Economy Is Growing There were Freightlink 6.8 MILLION Ro-Ro main freight units through UK major ports in 2012 7% This was higher than 12 months earlier Of these goods vehicles: 2 million were self-driven vehicles 600,000 were unaccompanied trailers Of the self-driven vehicles Self-driven vehicles increased by 9%, whereas unaccompanied trailers increased by only 2%, compared to the four quarters ending Q3 2012 1.63 million were foreign registered 332,000 were UK registered 9% 2% Comparing Q2 2013 (April to June) with Q2 2012 Containerised freight traffic increased both in and out of UK major ports, with an overall increase of 1%. This is the first quarter on quarter increase in over two years. The UK to the UK economy logistics industry is worth £74.5 BILLION UK Ports Take Centre Stage in Global Trade Logistics is the backbone of the British ports handle 95% of the imports and exports to these islands serving the UK manufacturing, retailing, and 11 economy, providing the efficient, cost service effective flow of goods on which other commercial sectors depend industries For UK ports Roll-on/Roll-off is the second largest category of trade, measured in tonnes, after crude oil shipments The UK is the 2nd largest maritime freight transport country in Europe, handling of the total volume of seaborne 13.4% goods shipped by the EU-28 Tonnage In tonnage terms, the UK had the largest quantities of goods transported on Ro-Ro mobile units in 2012 within the EU 94mn TONNES Units Unitised traffic at UK major ports increased by 6% (totalling 5 million units), Q4 2013 vs. Q4 2012 le shuttle Eurotunnel The freight shuttles use 4233Kwh of electricity or 197.4Kg of CO2e per crossing. This is approximately 188Kwh of electricity = 188Kwh of electricity per lorry 6 (on an average service with average loading) or 8.8Kg of CO2e. dishwasher loads In 20 years of commercial service the Eurotunnel freight shuttles have transported EQUIVALENT TO 1.1 million Eiffel Towers! 20 million trucks! FREIGHT FERRY FACTS E DFDS SEAWAYS DFDS Seaways or If all the traffic carried across the Channel in 2013 were parked bumper to bumper, it would stretch 100 TIMES around the M25 London Orbital 11,800 miles The fuel bunkered by DFDS in 2013 was 92,210 metric tonnes the equivalent of 37 Olympic size swimming pools DFDS had 14,524 cross channel sailings in 2013 covering a distance of 435,400 miles, or a trip to the Moon and back 165,716 Passengers bought portions of battered cod and chips on DFDS Seaways' Dover- Dunkirk route alone last year Freight Tonnage Patterns Top 5 UK export destinations by weight 2013 (million tonnes) 1. Netherlands - 29.91 2. Ireland - 18.29 3. Germany - 15.09 4. France - 14.21 5. Belgium - 12.39 Top 5 UK import countries of origin by weight 2013 (million tonnes) 1. Netherlands - 24.42 2. Germany - 16.03 3. Belgium - 11.91 4. France - 11.18 5. Sweden - 8.82 Roll-on/Roll-off Port Traffic UK's Busiest London to the West Midlands, North West and Scotland Corridor Freight Ferry Ports (M1, M6) 4. Belfast \* * Trans-Pennine (M62, M180) 5. Liverpool 3. Holyhead Haven Ports to Midlands (A14) South Coast Ports to the Midlands (A34, M40) London Orbital Coridor (M25) UK's Busiest Road Freight Routes London to Kent Ports Comidor (M20) 1. Dover 2. Portsmouth 68% of all freight vehicles travelling to mainland Europe pass through Dover Straits, which includes the Channel Tunnel. 2% of roads in the UK deal with over 65% of freight traffic (marked with a *). Sources: en.pdf transport_ statistic connectinnovateukorg/web/transno shipping 2012_final_report.pdf (p.65) Freightlink /transportktn/sectors /Statistics/EUOverseasTrade/Pages/EUOTS.aspx /finance/economics/10439585/British-exports-the-figures.html Freightlink reload explained/index.php?itle-File:Gross_weight of seaborne_goods.handled (inward_and_ outward) _in_main ports_in 2011_by type_of_cargo_(in_%25_of_total_cargo_handled).png&filetimestamp-20130319143444 * wK picOment/publications/port-treight-statistics-2012-final-figures

How Dependent is The UK Economy on Freight Carried by Ferry?

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The UK freight economy is big business – its logistics industry is worth more than £70 billion. At Freightlink Solutions we conducted research for the freight ferry industry, and produced an in...




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