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Hong Kong in facts and figures

102-118 Floors in the ICC skyscraper on which The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong is located, the world's highest hotel accommodation 100 300 Ozone, the world's highest bar, is on level :118 Number of UNESCO-recognised 4 annual events held in HK People for every restaurant/cafe - highest global per capita rate Art galleries in HK - up from 35 in 2006 10 HK$ a dish costs at Tim Ho Wan - 7ana 10 the world's cheapest Michelin star $13 100HK$= €9.4 £8 out of restaurant busiest MacDonald's outlets in the world are in HK 480 HK$ the "world's most expensive club sandwich" costs - @ Hullet (Legal) casinos in Hong Kong House's "The Parlour" 102 Rum varieties stocked by Lobby Lounge @ Marco Polo Hong Kong- world's largest collection 340 106,000 World record number of 15,508 3.5 models to appear in a single fashion show Staff per customer at HK$ price per night of HK's most expensive hotel accommodation - The Presidential suite @ the Intercontinental The ePeninsula Spa Number of flights arriving at HKIA in 2011 in the 17 days surrounding Chinese New Year 280,000 25 Incredible Facts about Hong Kong Venues & Events Average HK$ cost of a HK wedding banquet |755 Exhibitors at 2013 Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 3 - the world's largest 3 Michelin stars Lung King Heen timepiece fair @ The Four Seasons holds - the only Chinese restaurant in the world with this honour 120 Single malt whiskies 7000 stocked by The Chinnery @ the Mandarin Oriental - Asia's largest collection Global ranking of The Upper House hotel in TripAdvisor "Best Hotels of 2013" awards HK$ price per head of "Braised Whole Yoshihama Abalone in Supreme Oyster Sauce" (when ordered for 16) Lung King Heen @ The Four Seasons 400 Roast geese the world-famous Yung Kee restaurant serves every day 144 12,873 Countries showing Restaurants in Lan Kwai Fong before 1983. It's now the city's most popular party district Average HK$ spend of a Hong Kong Sevens visitor in 2011 live broadcast of Hong Kong Sevens 2013 94,370,000,000 Revenue from horse racing 2012-2013 - HK$13,000+ per resident 40 Gigabits per second reportedly available to tech entrepreneurs @ Cyberport REFERENCES- mwiiprdu.cegkwlan Zman tirecutcemtataufatasykang-kangtap-0eperahehtnd ahangkangabet vedhaeinhkptetipadahangkang n wulundet mtutmitu 1ipadvtecoauk/eakuchaloe-tatab-Cke-al ngwrtinggcongady aawhae-aahtent-gebal-andnedoral-n-hangkang tukaschoaklfeadardutrekalideigoznn-Ho-Wnutunrttap-Eoeaehattartmulechrtn-en kiml techinadaenhangkng ytapatatartupamp theurnempaprecenetwhae-referttangkergaaritubca warldcadacadaroamdnkmat_adaten of Pam conmerdaly Avalable-ar Pala etel_arti yerld_peed em Hetrdcomfale hbutchlabena/21-Gand_famationTDG-Hong-kang-Wichand-cedFarFa-Otalhtri rtathancamenpraperiyhanglangdningaanedft era rurdarinertalearhandenredrerotediver trecutcomkutartbfennyhangkargriap-10eperahethtr rycomyCenWbauEnimpeneunhipentmpneoFThe-na200-m--chanl-Wu trecutcomstertufea yhangkangriap-10-eperahethtrl bardkarehkenfastufrkc erd hbandhkgahkWanyfactafufact/rdechtrl htiketomeaaThe-Tap-D-Rertaunnt--Herg kanghtl hkvencamangheRphatecNU tumelemanepterapnwad-B-retepeniekatalul74 thutandaed.omikree detalagtart NAn isper httkopae.cmpermeankthineragralopetanyferrann_Hh pd rfographik drawn by Danil Alexandrov o

Hong Kong in facts and figures

shared by saraharas on Mar 23
A fascinating infographic with delectable factoids about the economy and the city in general.




hong kong


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