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Hidden Gem Jobs for the Unemployed or Underpaid

HIDDEN GEM JOBS for the UNEMPLOYED OR UNDERPAID AVERAGE UNEMPLOYMENT UNEMPLOYED HOURLY LONG-TERM EARNINGS: RATE: PERSONS: UNEMPLOYED 7.9% 12.3 MILLION (27+ WEEKS): $23/HR 4.7 MILLION MEDIAN ANNUAL WAGE: ÅBOUT $43,500 CFCA ASOR COSBIST AFU CVR VRAOPPIDAD BINORVM 2.4 MILLION ADDITIONAL UNEMPLOYED people that are looking for jobs but were not actively seeking work during the survey. ii s million employed part-time for economic reasons Heason for Around the U.S 981,000 JOB LEAVERS 1,287,000 NEW ENTRANTS 3,515,000 REENTRANTS 6,637,000 JOB LOSS/COMPLETED TEMP. JOBS unlocking Unemployment Rates - Education (25 and Older) 12% 7% 8.10% 3.70% Duration of Unemyioyme nt 38% 25% 15% To 26 weeks 22% s to 14, weeks 2,766,000 Less than S As of January 2013, 804,000 were Classified as discouraged workers; persons who are not currently looking For work because they believe there are no jobs ărailable for them. HIGH-PAYING JOBS THAT REQUIRE NO DEGREE AND LITTLE TO NO WORK EXPERIENCE NATIONAL MEDIAN ANNUAL WAGE PROJECTED JOB OPENINGS, 2010-20 ESTIMATED CURRENT EMPLOYMENT HIGHEST PAYING STATES (HIGH TO LOW) HIGHEST EMPLOYMENT CONCENTRATION LEVEL STATES (EMPLOYMENT PER OCCUPATION THOUSAND JOBS - HIGH TO LOW) Administrative Services managers $86,720 99,800 249,600 NY, NJ, RI, DC, MD, MA, DE, MA ID, GA Nuclear power reactor operators $77,550 CA, NY, FL, NJ, NY, PA, NJ, TN 2,000 6,240 CA, FL Elevator installers & repairers MA, CA, NV, MD, NY, HI, $73,560 8,200 20,440 CT, HI NJ, NV Power distributors and dispatchers WA, NV, NY, ID, LA, AK, WV, WY $67,960 115,200 284,530 NY, MA, WA, UT, ID, SD, AZ, NE 39,980 CA, WA, HI, AK, WY, ND, VT, AL $72,360 3,600 11,600 ID, OR Loan officers Power plant operator CA, DC $64,420 14,400 NV, DE Postmaster & mail superintendents $62,080 4,800 24,410 FL, NJ, RI, WV, VT, ND, MA, CT SD, MT Purchasing agents, except wholesale, retail, & farm products $61,280 91,200 DC, VA, NJ, DC, VA, WA, 274,540 MD, DE MI, AL Claims adjusters, examinerš & investigators $61,110 79,900 263,810 LA, DC, AK, ME, NE, CT, NJ, CT OK, MD Gas plant operators $59,870 4,500 WI, AK, NY, WY, LA, OK, 11,750 ND, CA CO, TX Electrical power-line installers & repairers $59,450 52,700 105,570 CA, AK, OR, SD, AL, ND, NJ, HI MS, MT Insurance appraisers, auto damage $59,080 2,700 10,950 AL, CT, TX, AL, MA, SD, HI, NY KS, GA Sources <> •... ... #1 Online Job Application Form Resource Site. LESS THAN A HIGH SCHOOL DEGREE HIGH SCHOOLGRADUATES NO COLLEGE SOME COLLEGE OR く ASSOCIATE DEGREE BACHELOR'S DEGREE AND HIGHER 4,708,000 weeks and res 1,858,000 5to4 weeks 3,028,000

Hidden Gem Jobs for the Unemployed or Underpaid

shared by JobCrusher on Mar 03
In this infographic, we examine the state of the U.S. economy and statistics regarding unemployment rates. We explore several high-paying job opportunities available that require absolutely no degree.


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