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Growing Rice Smartly

GROWING 90% RICE SMARTLY of the world's rice is produced and IN ASIA consumed in Asia 140milion For many Asians, rice is life. rice-farming households in Asia and millions of the rural poor work as hired labour on rice farms Food-secure, better-nourished and prosperous rice farmers and consumers in the Asia-Pacific region benefit equitably from a vibrant, innovative, and transformed rice sector that is more productive, efficient and environmental sustainable. TRANSFORMATION OF THE RICE SECTOR IN ASIA WILL BE KEY Gtock INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY, NUTRITION VALUE AND SUSTAINABILITY Sustainable intensification of rice production requires the integration of genetic and agronomic improvements into an ecosystems approach that enhances soil fertility, water and biocontrol of pests to achieve higher productivity, profitability and resource use efficiency, while protecting the environment. ENHANCE VALUE CHAIN AND REDUCE POST-HARVEST LOSSES The mechanization of post-harvest operations; improved drying, storage and milling of harvested paddy; improved vertical coordination; and greater efficiency can improve the value chain and reduce post-harvest losses. MITIGATE/ADAPT TO CLIMATE CHANGE AND REDUCE RISK Rice production is not only affected by climate change and global warming but it also contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases. Thus, both adaptation and mitigation strategies are relevant. CONSERVE ENVIRONMENT AND HERITAGE The environmental footprint of rice should be minimized while augmenting ecosystem and landscape functions, including the protection of rice heritage and conservation of biodiversity. PROMOTE FAIR AND EFFICIENT MARKETS AND TRADE The options for managing the level and volatility of rice prices include trade policy, stock management, domestic support prices, futures markets and the provision of market information. IMPROVE ORGANIZATION OF PRODUCTION & EMPOWER YOUTH AND WOMEN Local development and community-driven approaches that strengthen the farm management and agribusiness skills of young farmers and women can help smallholders reap the benefits of larger scale production and marketing. RESAKSS SOURCE: A regional rice strategy for sustainable food security in Asia and the Pacific, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, 2014 asia FACILITATED BY IFPRI CREDIT: Yifei Liu, IFPRI

Growing Rice Smartly

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For many Asians, rice is life and the staple that cannot be ignored in Asia’s agriculture landscape. Asia and the Pacific countries worked together with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the ...




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