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The Great Flow of U.S. Debt

THE GREAT FLOW OF U.S. DEBT What Each American Owes the Rest of the World NETHERLANDS LENDER In June, 2011, the total US public debt - the grand sum of money we, as a nation, $ 23,600,000,000 -DEBT have borrowed and must pay back S75 AMOUNT YOU OWE added up to $14.3 trillion. Roughly 31% of that is held by foreign countries, a fact which is an international cause for concern: if we don't pay up, we're not TOTAL U.S. DEBT IS 14.3TRILLION the only country that will suffer. China, Japan, and the UK are our most oft-discussed debtors, but more than 50 countries are patiently waiting for us to pay them back. Though this is technically money that our government owes, the consequences of this obligation trickle down to every one of us. We all have to pay the debt, in one way or another. But what if we had to pay up today? 4.5 TRILLION OF THAT DEBT IS OWED TO OTHER NATIONS OF THAT, EACH CITIZEN OWES S14,458 And how much would it cost each of us? | SMALL DEBTS SWEDEN $ 20.900.000.000 NETHERLANDS PHILIPPINES $ 23,600.000,000 $ 23.700.000.000 * $76 S75 aITALY $ 25.400.000.000 - MEXICO $ 27.700.000.000 - POLAND 을 S88 $ 27,900,000.000 SOUTH KOREA $ 32.500.000.000 1 BELGIUM $ 31,400.000,000 TURKEY $ 39.300.000.00 z IRELAND $ 33500000 z INDIA $ 4,000,000,000 A SINGAPORE $ 57400,000.000 IEIS- PRIS- THAILAND $ 59.800.000.000 M SWITZERLAND S194 $ 108.200,000.000 S346 HONG KONG $ 121,900,000.000 OGES- CANADA $ 90.700,000,00 M LUXEMBOURG S 6R O00.000.000 GERMANY $ 61.200,000.000 MFRANCE S 23 600.000.000 M NORWAY * S75 $2.100,000.000 - COLOMBIA $ 19.900,000,000 ISRAEL S CHILE S 18,900.000.000 MEGYPT SP 900 00 00 $60 M AUSTRALIA $12300.000.00 MALAYSIA $ 12700.000.000 S40 BIG DEBTS MUK $ 346,500.000.000 ZOIL EXPORTERS S 229.900.000.000 i S737 BRAZIL $ 21L400.000.000 * S677 M TAIWAN $ 153.400.000.000 ZCARIBBEAN BANKING CENTERS S 49.700.000.000 $480 MRUSSIA $ 15.200.000,000 OTHER DEBTS UNDER 20 ZBILLION $ 218.700,000,000 IO2S- DEBTS AJAPAN S 912,400.000 * S2.926 LUשו-ץ CHINA S LIS9.800.000.000 S3719 CREATED BY SOURCES HTTP://WWW.TREASURY.GOV/RESOURCE-CENTER/ DATA-CHART-CENTER/TIC/DOCUMENTS/MEHTXT ALL NUMBERS USED ARE US TREASURY DATA FROM MAY, 2011. HTTP://WWW.CENSUS.GOV/MAIN/WWW/POPCLOCK.HTML

The Great Flow of U.S. Debt

shared by IGEmp on Jan 24
By June 2011 the U.S was 14.3 trillion dollars in debt. This infographic takes a look at what the U.S specifically owes, who they owe it to, and what that means for each taxpayer.



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