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Gold vd paper based financial system visualized

%24 GOLD VS PAPER-BASED FINANCIAL SYSTEM Comparison of once equally measured units of gold and paper money, where gold is a useless hunk of metal, but now we see that paper money is even more useless. ?? Warren Buffett once famously chided that all the gold in the world would form a cube of 67 feet (20 meters) on each side. 20 Meters 20 Meters ALL THE GOLD IN THE WORLD WOULD BE AN UNPRODUCTIVE In doing so, he was attempting to argue that there was no point in owning gold since all the gold in the world would be an unproductive, useless hunk of metal. What's ironic (and completely lost on the venerable Mr. Buffett) is that you could make the same argument about the paper-based financial system. It's estimated that the derivatives market NOW EXCEEDS $1 QUADRILLION $100,000,000,000,00,00 If you were to somehow accumulate and stack up $1 quadrillion, the pile would be thousands of feet high and hundreds of yards long... much bigger than the cube of gold. MUCH BIGGER THAN THE CUBE OF GOLD. It's a similar story with government debt, which exceeds $56 trillion worldwide. Now, it may be a cute thought experiment to blast gold as a useless hunk of metal. DEBT ? USELESS HUNK OF METAL GOVERNMENT But the reality is that gold will never require : FIVE GOLD 999.9 • A Taxpayer-funded • Won't Crash The Financial System MET WT 1000 G • Crash The Financial On the balance, at least as a means of preserving assets over the long-run, 'useless' certainly beats 'destructive' ENSLAVEMENT 'DESTRUCTIVE' GOLD USELESS VALUE 'DESTRUCTIVE' PAPER MONEY TIME Produced By Video Chef Narrated From Words Of Simon Black K SOVEREIGN MAN %24

Gold vd paper based financial system visualized

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WORLD PREMIERE: See how paper based financial system is enslaving us. We can`t say the same for the gold because you can`t print it into infinity. Sovereign Man


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