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Gold Investing

Why GOLD is Still a Better Investment For Your Retirement Than Stocks and Bonds Types of Gold Allowed in IRA or 401K Gold Bullion Gold Bars Gold Coins Gold is an Effective Gold is Highly Liquid Gold Trends Upward Diversifier Due to it's negative correlation with other asset types, gold will generaly move in the opposite direction of stocks Gold is easily converted to cash. Gold can readily be bought and sold 24 hours a day and the trading spreads are very narrow Gold and silver are in a perfect uptrend over the past 10 years, moving in a range within an upper and lower band and bonds. Gold vs Google Google = $400 loz Gold = $400 Google = $850 loz Gold = $1350 2005 2013 Wealthy Investors Know The Power of Gold... Thomas Kaplan (Over $2 Billion Invested in Gold) "People view gold as emotional, but when the demythologize it, when they look at it for what it is and the opportunity it represents, they're going to say, We really should own some of that'. The question will then change to 'Where do we get the gold?" John Paulson (Over $4.6 Billion Invested in Gold) "I view gold as a currency, not a commodity. It's importance as a currency will continue to increase as the major central banks around the world continue to print money." David Einhorn (Over $550 Million New Worth) "Gold is the money of choice and we would like to have a meaningful amount of our assets denominated in gold. It's the biggest position in the fund".. "It's the one kind of money Bernanke can't print more of" Seth Klarman (Over $1 Billion Invested in Gold) "There are no easy ways to navigate these turbulent waters. But because the greatest risks are of currency debasement and runaway inflation, protection against a currency collapse - such as exposure to gold - and against much higher interest rates seem like necessary hedges to maintain." Brought to you by.. WWW.PHYSICALGOLDIRAS.NET

Gold Investing

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Why gold is still a better investment in your retirement accounts than stocks and bonds infographic.


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