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Giant Of Africa - Nigeria vs South Africa

WHO IS THE GIANT OF AFRICA? SOUTH AFRICA VS NIGERIA LAND & NATURAL RESOURCES LAND USE (200o5) South Africa Arable Land Permanent Crops Nigeria 33.02% 3.14% 12.1% South Africa 0.79% 1,214,470 sq km Other 87.11% 63.84% South gold, chromium, antimony. coal, Iron ore, manganese. nickel, phosphates, tin, rare Africa earth elements, uranlum, gem diamonds, platinum, copper vanadlum, salt, natural gas Nigeria 910,768 sq km Nigeria *natural gas, petroleum, tin, Iron ore, coal, limestone, niobium, lead, sinc, arable Jand TOTAL LAND AREA NATURAL RESOURCES TOTAL FRESH WATER WITHDRWAWAL (cu km/yr) South Africa 14,980 sq km 12 Nigeria 2,930 sq km Sauth Africa Nigerla agricultural 7.875 5.5269 industrial 0.75 0.01 E domestic 3.575 1.6821 IRRIGATED LAND Nigeria FRESH WATER EXTRACTION PER CAPITAL 286.2 cu km (2003) (cu m/yr) Nigeria South Africa 50 cu km (1990) South Africa 264 TOTAL RENEWABLE WATER RESOURCES VERDICT Whille Nigerla's natural resources such as Its arable land and water resources far outstrip the southern African country, it still manages to make better use of its own resources. For instance on average, South Africa supplles four times as much clean water to its each of Its citizens than Nigerla does, even though the West African nation has five times as much water resources available to it per annum. ROUND 1: SOUTH AFRICA PEOPLE E0-14 Years 41% u15-64 Years U65 years and over 28% 56% 15-64 Years U65 years and NIGERIA SOUTH AFRICA Population: 170,123,740 (July 2012 est.) Population: 48,810,427 (July 2012 est.) Rate of Urbanization Urbanization Population Growth Rate -10.00% 0.00% 10.00% 20,00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00% Population Growth Rate Urbanization Rate of Urbanization u South Africa -0.41% G29% 1.20% ENigeria 2.55% 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 Birth Rate Death Rate Maternal Mortality Infant Life Mortality Expactancy Nigeria Sauth Africa 39.23 13.48 B40 74.36 52.05 17.23 410 42.67 49.41 4 Birth Rate: Number of births per 1,000 of the population + Death Rate: Number of deaths per 1,000 of the population - Maternal Mortality Rate: Number of deaths per 100,000 live births + Infant Mortality Rate: Number of deaths per 1,000 live births Nigeria South Africa Health Expenditure (% of GDP) 5.8 8.5 Number of Medical Doctors Per 1,000 Population 0.395 0.77 Number of Hospital Beds Per 1,000 Population 0.53 2.84 Nigeria South Africa Can't read and write 14% write 324 Can read Can read 68% and write LITERACY RATE FOR BOTH COUNTRIES (PERCANTAGE PEOPLE AGED 15 AND OVER) VERDICT Nigeria has a huge youthful and vibrant population with half of citizens living in urban areas, Live expectancy is higher In Nigerla as well as having a lower death rate. However South Africa spends more money on providing health services, has twice the number of doctors available per person, and six times the number of hospital beds. It also has a better educated populace. South Africa edges this one out but only Just. ROUND 2: SOUTH AFRICA ECONOMY GDP Growth Rate GDP (Per Purchasing Power) - US $ Billions 10% 8% Nigeria South Africa 521.5 536.3 554.6 414.5 26 387.8 2010 2011 Nigeria 8.70% 6.90% South Africa -1.70% 2.80% 3.40% 2009 2010 2011 South Africa Nigeria $11,000 2011 Agriculture 2% $2,600 $10,700 2010 Services $2,500 Industry 31% Agriculture 3230 35% S10,500 2009 Services $2,300 66% Industry $5,000 $10,000 $15,000 34% South Africa Nigeria GDP - PER CAPITA GDP COMPOSITION 21%24% South Africa Nigeria South 18 million Nigeria 52 million Africa UNEMPLOYMENT RATE - 2011 SIZE OF LABOUR FORCE 2011 BUDGET VALUE OF PUBLICLY TRADED 140 SHARES 120 1200 100 1000 в00 60 600 400 20 200 Revenue Expenditure 2009 2010 Nigeria South Africa 24.54 32.65 Nigeria 33.3 104.7 126.5 South Africa 704 1013 TRADE IN 2011- US $ FOREIGN RESERVES /DEBT - US S BILLIONS BILLIONS Nigeria South Africa 50.3 94.2 92.9 47.7 36.8 Nigeria South Africa 12.1 Exports Imoorts Foreign Reserves Debt VERDICT South Africa has a larger economy, and though the global economic crisis had a negative effect on its growth, it has picked up pace again in the last coupla of years. Nigeria has one of the fastest growing economius on the continent and it's expucted to continue growing at its current pace over the next few years. However it will still need to diversify its economy beyond its petroleum industry and sustenance based agriculture sector. ROUND 3: SOUTH AFRICA COMMUNICATIONS 87.3 103 4.23 1.05 Fixed Lines Mobile Lines Fixed Lines Mobile Lines Nigeria South Africa Nigeria South Africa NUMBER OF TELEPHONE LINES TELEPHONE DENSITY - NUMBER (000,000) - 2010 OF LINES PER 100 PERSONS Nigeria South Africa 44 million 3.75 million South Africa 4.0 millen ONLINE POPULATION - 2009 1000 Nigeria 28% 10% 20% NUMBER OF INTERNET HOSTS - 2010 ONLINE PENETRATION - 2009 O VERDICT The growth in Nigeria's telecommunications sector in the last decade has been nothing short of remarkable and equally Impressive is that is has managed to achleve more Internet penetration that Its South African counterpart. However South Africa has the most modern telecommunications system on the continent with better quallty of service. It is also better placed to take advantage of the rapidly developlng internet economy due to its hupe number of online servers. ROUND 4: SOUTH AFRICA TRANSPORTATION 578 98 Airports Heliports Seaports Merchant Ships Nigeria Sauth Africa Railways Roadways 962.099 km South Africa 20,192 km South Africa 193,200 Nigeria 3,505 km Nigeria km Pipelines (Kilometres) - 2010 Nigerla South Africa 4,090 3,441 2,756 1,382 908 Condensate Gas Liquid Petroleum Gas Oil Refined Products VERDICT Nigeria has laid down more plpe lines and has more registered ship merchants as a result of its looming petroleum Industry. However South Africa has more airports, and a bigger network of roads and railways to move people and non-petroleum based products around the country more efficiently. ROUND 5: SOUTH AFRICA MILITARY South African Military Nigerian Military Military Expenditures Army Army South Africa Navy Navy Nigeria Air Force Air Force US $ Billions Joint Operations Command 20 6.5 Women Women MILLION MILLION Military Intelligence Military Health 21 Men MILLION Men Services MILLION E Nigeria South Africa FIT FOR MILITARY SERVICE - 2010 VERDICT South Africa's military forces are better funded and more structured than thelr Nigerian counterparts, though Nigeria does have a larger pool of people it can call into active service if it does need to. South Africa has been rumoured In the past to possess nuclear weapons, something It has always denled. What not's In doubt however is that South Africa does possess the technological know-how and resources to build them. ROUND 6: SOUTH AFRICA END OF BATTLE FOR THE TITLE OF GIANT OF AFRICA PRESENTED BY: S&G STERLING AND GREENBACK LTD Source: CIA World Facthook JA/uy no

Giant Of Africa - Nigeria vs South Africa

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A visualization comparing various socioeconomic indicators from Nigeria and South Africa to determine who can lay claim to the bragging rights as the 'Giant of Africa".


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