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A Geographical Trap: Landlocked Developing Countries

KANOP Kanopi FEUI Cultivating Ideas, Enriching Knowledge "If you are coastal, you serve the world. If you are landlocked, you serve your neighbors." -Paul C., 2007 Infographic by Rendra S. Delano Kojian Ekonomi dan Pembangunan Indonesia A GEOGRAPHICAL BEVELOPING TRAPČOUNTRIES Maritime Ports, as the most efficient portal for trade, play a very important role in development. Unfortunately several countries have no maritime port, not because they unable to afford it but because they don't even have coastal area. 11 A group of countries that entirely enlocked by land or closed sea, eg. Caspian Sea, LLDC Number of non- developing lanlocked countries, all in Europe, eg. Austria, Switzerland, etc. 31 Number of LLDC countries, sharing common problems of geographical remoteness and dependence on trade in neighbouring & coastal countries. LANDLOCKED DEVELOPING lčOUNYRIES S Aral Sea. 2 2 IROPE 2MAINA 15ERICA 12IA 2Ah in EUROPE in LATIN AFRICA 12SIA in in AMERICA COST OF INTERNATIONAL CARGO TRANSPORTATION in Asia Uzbekistan's closest 2950 distance to sea, as the only 2.1% Annual decrease km doubly landlocked developing country in the world of the LLDC's export proportion to global exports, from 1990 24 $4 for country with coastline Kazakhstan's closest 3750 km distance to sea, as the to 2000 for country country with the longest distance from coastline without coastline 4-10% 0.6% GDP Range of average transit transpot cost for exports and imports in LLDC GROWTH Differences in economic growth for a country whose area is farther than 1000 km from the sea to a country with coastline Sources: The World Bank, United Nations, and International Monetary Fund. Copyright Kajian Ekonomi dan Pembangunan Indonesia FEUI, 2012.

A Geographical Trap: Landlocked Developing Countries

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Geographical location also determine economic development. This infographic shows disadvantages of lanlocked countries.


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