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Gas on the Rise

Gas on the Rise Where It's Going, and What Can You Do About It Concerned about the recent uptick in gas prices? Fear not! Using gas-conscious driving techniques and easy mechanical fixes, you can significantly limit your consumption and squeeze the most out of every pricey gallon while the market rides this out. Prices On The Rise If you've been wincing at the gas pump lately, you aren't alone. National prices are back on the rise and America's drivers are growing concerned as prices threaten to approach $4.00/gallon. National averages currently stand around: $3.56 $3.70 $3.83 $3.95 UNLEADED MID- PREMIUM DIESEL GRADE This represents an 11% increase over last month's average per gallon price, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, oil industry experts predict that gas prices could hit $5.00/gallon before summer. How To Become a Fuel Efficient Driver If you haven't made the switch to a hybrid vehicle yet, don't fret. Changing your driving habits can save you significant money at the pump. Take It Easy: sSpeeding consumes more gas. Every 5 MPH you drive over 60MPH is $0.24 per gallon for gas. If you can't tame your lead foot, use cruise control to maintain lower speeds. Lighten Your Load: Carrying around an extra 100 pounds of stuff in your car reduces fuel economy by 1% 2%. Take everything out of your car that doesn't need to be in it. SLOW 100 Be Gentle: Rapid acceleration and braking burns up to 40% more fuel. Aggressive driving is also bad for the environment, producing five times more toxic emissions. Gentle driving habits keep more gas in your tank and greener leaves on the trees. Choose Your Cooling Carefully: When driving at low speeds around town, rolling down your windows uses less gas than your A/C. On the highway, rolling your windows down creates drag and uses more gas than your A/C. Avoid Idling: If you are stopped in your driveway or a parking lot for more than 30 seconds, shut your engine off. Easy Auto Repairs To Increase Gas Mileage Go the extra mile and squeeze every last bit of efficiency out of your gas tank. Your wallet will thank you later. Replace Your Gas Cap: Gas can evaporate through broken or weak gas caps and reduce your fuel economy by up to 2% If your car has an old or loose Replace Old Tires: Replacing old tires with new low rolling resistance tires Inflate Your Tires: Tires Change Your Replace Spark Plugs: Misfiring spark plugs can reduce fuel efficiency up to 30%. This is roughly equivalent to paying $0.75 more per gallon. Replace Air Filter: Replacing your old dirty air filter can improve gas mileage by 2%- 14%, depending on how clogged it is. Oil: Poorly that are not well lubricated inflated have engines use more fuel because of a high rolling resistance. can increase the friction the Inflating your tires to your vehicles gas mileage by 6%. moving parts create. Switching to synthetic oil can improve fuel efficiency by 1% recommended PSI can increase cap, consider replacing it. gas mileage up to 3.3%. -2%. Sources:,,, ....

Gas on the Rise

shared by IGEmp on Dec 28
Gas prices in the U.S are just increasing as time goes by. This infographic shows the increase of gas prices. It also lists ways to become a more fuel efficient driver and simple repairs you can make ...



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