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Freelancer At A Glance

FREELANCE The popularity of mobile devices combined with the explosive growth of apps and cloud-based computing are making it easier than ever before for people to take their AT A GLANCE expertise out of the office and set off on their own. Whether they do it for the flexibility or the independence, freelancers are fast becoming the new face of the global workforce. BACKGROUND OF A FREELANCER' > Most Freelancers > Where Do They Live? > Where Do They Get the Bulk of Their Training? are Men More Than Half in North America Attracted to the City Rural (Less than 10000) 7,5% 76.6% 23.4% • Other 0.8% Africa - Australia 3.3% 1.4% On the job 13.5% Asia 11.4% Town 22.6% Major City > Average Age of the Full-Time Freelancer: Self taught 43.8% North America 38.6% Europe 29.3% 50.7% University/college 41.9% Established City 32 31.4% South America YEARS OLD - 4.0% CLOCKING IN 2 > Full Time or Part Time? > South American Freelancers Work the Most - Full-time 49.7% Among full-time freelancers worldwide, how many hours on average do they work per week? Part-time for additional income 36.6% Part-time to transition to full time 13.6% UROPE ORTH A 39 > Majority Work the Same or Fewer Hours 41.2 Compared to their previous full-time employment, most work either the same or fewer hours every week. 39.5 FRICA 25.8% work more as a freelancer than previously 38 37.3 49.7% work the same or less than previously 49 24.5% never worked as a full-time employee in their industry GETTING THEIR NAME OUT The majority of participants in the 2010 Global Freelancers Survey found jobs through referrals and the Internet rather than cold calling. Referrals 34.2% Portfolio web sites 16.2% Social networking sites 14.4% Online job boards/sites 13.2% Personal or professional blog Advertising (web, print, etc.) 7.4% 4.8% Cold 4.1% calling 3.2% Other Contest or competitions 2.5% HOW MUCH DO THEY CHARGE? * > Experience & Average Hourly Rates > Average Hourly Rates for Popular Freelance Gigs >5 10010 1111000 1010100 10001 $59.15 - $84.55 Video Production Software Photographer Project Management Programmer Freelancers with five $73 $69 $58 $52 $49 or more years of experience <5 $44.87 - $49.96 Freelancers with less than five years of Graphic Designer 3D Illustration Web Designer Writer Illustrator $49 $48 $46 $44 $41 experience TOP 5 REASONS PEOPLE FREELANCE 5 According to the cite flexibility as a big part of why they go into contract work. O Global Freelancers Survey, the majority of freelancers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. "I wanted more "I wanted creative "I wanted to work "I wanted more "I wanted to grow flexibility" control over from home" money" a business" my projects" COMMON PAIN POINTS AS A FREELANCER > Pay Is Not as High as Expected Do They Earn More or Less as Freelancers? How Satisfied Are They With.. Career Opportunities Project Challenges Working Hours Income Level Less 48.7% 4.4% 3.2% 3.5% -More 27.2% 27.8% 37% 48.4% 41.8% * The same 24.1% 14.5% 9.8% 14.1% 15.8% 28.2% 30.1% 10% 19.2% 24.9% 24.3% 29.2% 4.7% O Very Satisfied Satisfied UnsatisfiedO Very Unsatisfied Neutral That Is, Once They Get Paid in the First According to a Freelancers Union survey of more than 3.000 independent workers. freelancers experience difficulty tracking down payment for their services. 40% Of those who have trouble: Average number of days late: of freelancers report having trouble getting paid wages they're owed. 83% 52 days were paid after the agreed-upon date. HOW THE CLOUD HELPS FREELANCERS As more cloud based services become available, freelancers can be more mobile than ever. Social Networks (Facebook, Linkedin. Twitter) Google Docs DropBox Skype Freshbooks FRESHBOOKS painless biling Purpose: Find career opportunities and encourage referrals. Purpose: Access documents in real-time, any time. Purpose: Remote access to files. Purpose: Real-time instant messaging and conference calls. Purpose: Track hours and billing. FUTURE PLAN: LET'S OPEN A BUSINESS > What are freelancers' future endeavors? 30.0% "Generate 24.4% 37.5% 8.1% "Always solo freelance" "Open a small business" income from other "Return to full-time solo work" employment" O SOCIALCAST SOURCES 2010 Global Freelancers Survey234567| 2011 SOOALCAST NC ALL OTHER TRADEMARKS MEREN ARE FECOON ZLD TO DE THE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS

Freelancer At A Glance

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The popularity of mobile devices combined with the explosive growth of apps and cloud-based computing are making it easier than ever before for people to take their expertise out of the office and set...


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