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Fix The Switch: Why We Need Action On Switching Energy Provider

JOIN US TO FIX THE SWITCH WHY WE NEED ACTION ON SWITCHING ENERGY PROVIDER 3. IT TAKES TO0 LONG! It takes about 4-5 WEEKS to switch today. It only takes 7 DAYS to fly to the moon... AVERAGE DAYS MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN 2 4 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 3 4 ..and back! In the time it takes to switch (4-5 WEEKS) you could also: SOLD Buy a HOUSE Recover from a Drive the full length of Route 66 and back (4,902 MILES) HIP OPERATION IT IS STOPPING PEOPLE FROM GETTING A BETTER DEAL! 76% would switch for 0% 100% a better deal. 37% think it is too much 0% 100% hassle to switch. 1/3 OF PEOPLE are more likely to switch if the process was quicker. 0% 100% FASTER SWITCHING CAN SAVE THE UK MILLIONS ON ENERGY SPEND: Those who switch could If A THIRD OF PEOPLE switched as a result save an average of of faster switching times the UK would save PER YEAR £217 £1.5 BILLION If switching time was reduced to one day, it would lead to savings on energy spend of £50 MILLION CURRENT SWITCHING TIME REDUCED SWITCHING TIME £50,000,000 - £0 By switching to first:utility you could save £265! THE CURRENT PROCESS IS ARCHAIC The amount of time spent waiting for the industry, cooling off periods and your previous supplier is 4-5 WEEKS (28-35 DAYS) 34 35 The amount of time spent working on your switch by your new supplier is 4 HOURS of switches are currently blocked 14% by your incumbent provider (normally one of the Big Six) That's 0.6% of the whole switching process ENERGY SWITCHING VERSUS OTHER INDUSTRIES 1 DAY 4 HOURS = SWITCH = COOLING OFF OBJECTION WINDOW WAITING = STILL WAITING = SWITCH - TIME ACTUALLY SPENT ACTIONINGA SWITCH ENERGY 14 BROADBAND BANKING MOBILE PHONE WE WANT IT We need your support to put pressure on the industry to force this to happen. We can't do it alone. TO TAKE 1 DAY! Have your say here: This infographic was brought to you by first:utility

Fix The Switch: Why We Need Action On Switching Energy Provider

shared by Geoghegan on Mar 15
It currently takes 4-5 weeks on average to change energy providers in the UK; not only is this is stopping people from getting the best tariffs, it is also stopping any real competition within the ind...


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