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Financial Lessons from Family Guy

QUOTE: STEWIE QUOTE: PETER, CHRIS, MEG Yeah, well, um here's a suggestion. Um, have the money by tomorrow and there won't be any problems. QUOTE: PETER & BRIAN Brian: Peter, did you read the fine print on this loan contract? QUOTE: STEWIE Peter Griffin: Don't worry, kids, we're going to McDonalds. Uh, you've reached Stewie and Brian, we're not here right [Lois glares at Peter] Peter Griffin: Oh... but you can't supersize! Peter: Um, if by “read" you mean imagined a naked lady, then, yes. now, uh and if this is Mom, uh send money because we're college students and we need money for books..and highlighters..and... ramen noodles...and condoms, for sexual relations with our classmates. Chris Griffin: But, Dad! Peter Griffin: Okay, you can supersize, but no apple pie! Financial Lessons from Meg Griffin: Oh, come on! Peter Griffin: Okay, you get an apple pie, but you don't get to blow on it! FAMILY GUY THE LESSON: Always know when your payments are THE LESSON: What can this hit animated series Avoid the upsell. Not only is eating out expensive, due. Debt collection deadlines are harsh, unmerciful and they don't play nice... just like Stewie. While they are not going to rough you up in a back alley, they will slam late fees, higher interest rates and hidden fees on you. Those "problems" Stewie is hinting at can quickly escalate and put you in worse debt than you were in before you failed to make the payment on time. THE LESSON: you get into any kind of contract, whether it's for an auto loan, tuition payment or mortgage loan, read all the details of what you are getting into. These contracts are legally binding and the details can get you into big trouble if you don't know what they say. teach us about personal finance? THE LESSON: but it quickly adds up as you add options like a bigger meal and dessert. The upsell is something that most businesses have designed into the base model of their business. While a buy one and get one half off deal may seem great, ideas like this are calculated to make you think you are spending less money and being more economical, but actually make you spend more than you originally intended. Always read the fine print. Before College is expensive. A college degree is a necessary part of most teenagers' lives now. A degree helps you get better jobs, which in turn lead to higher salaries. Tuition, room, board, books, transportation costs, and other miscellaneous fees add up very quickly when you are earning your four year bachelors degree. Most educations cost over $100,000. Start saving early in order to alleviate costs once your kids are college age. From the Minds @ GoBankingRates

Financial Lessons from Family Guy

shared by David on Mar 22
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Four financial lessons to be learned from TV's hit show, Family Guy.


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