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The Fictional Finances of 15 Movies and Television Shows

FICTIONAL FINANCES OF 15 MOVIES AND TV SHONS When we escape into the tilig sureal words of ou favorite TVshoWS and movies, we often gain temporary sanctuary from real word wories ike money.Of couse, the elved Swashbucklers upon our scren dont always have that luxury This iniogaphic asins monetary values to the lifestylesand actions that these characters take. The numbers are entirely theoretical and we challege you to calculat your wn conclusions. Many of our favorite characters od down a variety f jbs.These are th salaries and employment rates f th equivalent (or similr jots in the real word acordingto the Burau of Labor Staistics: Lisa Cuddy CEO House Michael Bluth Job Dean of Medicine Job Arrested Development princeton plainsboro BLUTH teaching hospital COMPANY Avg. Annual Salary $180,700 Avg. Annual Salary $387,617 # Of Jobs In 2012 246.240 Fox Mulder Sheldon Cooper Job FBI Special Agent Job Theoretical Physicist The X-Files Big Bang Theory OF JUSTICE INSTITUTE Avg. Annual Salary BUREAU 1891 SI06.360 Avg. Annual Salary #Of Jobs In 2012 $45.71-59,505 (General Schedule 10) 23,300 # Of Jobs In 2012 35,000 Clark Kent Job Rust Cohle Reporter True Dectective Job Homicide Detective Superman LOUISIANA DAILY PLANET STATE POLICE Avg. Annual Salary $37,090 Avg. Annual Salary $80,540 # Of Jobs In 2012 108.720 # Of Jobs In 2012 57,600 Laurel Lance Arrow Job Legal Aid Attorney Abigail "Abby" Sciuto Job Forensic Scientist NCIS NCIS Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Annual Salary $46.990 $52.840 # Of Jobs In 2012 277,000 # Of Jobs In 2012 12.900 A caletin of oterfun facts and monetary figures fromtevision showsS: SUPERNATURAL Gredit card faud, pol husting, ca theft, uhoity impersonetion, breking and entering-the Winchester boys are notariusfr fast nd frious tampling of the law. Of course, savin countessimocents and degging theword bakfon the brink of uter deation may merit fogivenessfor teir crims.Huntingisa thankless pemilss g-but ealsicaly, hw much woud thefamily busineS Costo un? 6'5" 6'0" 5'5" 5'0" 81A3826 81A3827 LITTLE ROCK LITTLE ROCK 4'5" CITY POLICE CITY POLICE LITTLE ROCK AR. LITTLE ROCK AR. The Road So Far: Over 1 sesons,"aby'has travele appoximetely 23.497mils,not inluding altemate realis.Averaging US as pricesforte pastderade and 67 Chevy Impale's gas mileage of 4.5 MPG, that would equate to: 4766559 KAZ 2Y5 The boys stay in aproximately 35 motels and hotel,not inludig ETEN events and gaps in time Atan average S70 a night,this equatest 9.450 BREAKING BAD Rolingin gren. No Braing Bad enthusiastwll verfrget h staggring image of Skyle andWalterover- loking he heaping gale ofilotn cash. ti stimated mount proximatey $80milion Hesnergs mpire was considered a business, how Much would he owe in taxes? Based on New Mexico' tx rates, he would owe: $6.060,000 Walter White made 8.2X more than his original S737000plan. He also made 138.7X more than hischemistry teacher salary f 43.700 MAD MEN Drapers drink of choice is the Old ashioned. Canadian Cub The dappr, enigmatic Oon Daper exhibits a ush lifstyef s cas flights, wanky cars fne iquor, bejeweled mistresses, nd an state Nested in opulent Westchester, NY. How would his assetsi he 1960s Whisky serves as the essence. This particular brand of alcoholi a reasonable price in ody's market: S15-930 for a 700m btle. measure up to 2015? Annual Salary as Serior Parne at terling Cooper & Parters 47.00 = $378.918 45 1962 Cadila Cup e Vile 585 $43,414.38 House (Westchester NY): 15.300 (NY median bome value 1960) = $635.000 (Westchester median home value 2014) THE WALKING DEAD With the bruta and urelening zombie apocalypse taintin and twistingevery moment of the survivors livs,material wealth is as meaningless as dust in thewind. ut what i the suvivoS were paid S,00 for every Walker they exterminated? These would be the top-paid undead slayers: Rick Grimes: S137000 Day Nixon: $142.00 Glen Rhe: S129.0 Michonne: 87.0 Maggie Grene: 45.0 Carl Grimes: 37000 GAME OF THRONES "When you play the game of thrones, you win oryou ie. Thereis nomile ground." Despie the die stakes, Westeros inhabitants are always dressed ipres. Cerseis avish gowns and the Dothrakis rugged fair ar a estimony to the artisty af the eignes. Cosder Khl Orogos caned gode et and the'crOwning"achievenent i erfomed. How much would it be worth in melted gold? A Price Men Will Tremble to Behold The average pric o god pr une in 2015 i 1.093.8.Tis flutudtesdaly. Weight of smal ds estimate 5 az.(21smal dis) Weight of arge dis (stimate 50 oz ( large is) Today's worth of Kal Orogos Gold Bet melted into pure gold 52,469 STAR WARS The economis blog Catives atLehigh Univesity stmated that uidig the eath Starwoud cost S852.00000000 o crete in ste alne. Thatis roughly 300x the etir world'sgobal domestic product (GOP in 2012. JURASSIC WORLD Fandango estimated that to builda real Jurassic World, t woud cost 23,432,400,00 and would demand S1,07,000 to maintain amualy. SOURCES WVW AaдN blkg aiga.rg Www.baganteduorg Ww.lax.newmenicogov Ww.fobescom/caleges lhihuniersity/ Ignite.pot Outsourced Accounting HNOLOGY CALIFORNIA LISSANI PEDERAL

The Fictional Finances of 15 Movies and Television Shows

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Many of our favorite TV and film characters live a "normal" life. They hold a job, pay their taxes, own a home, etc. but have you ever wondered how much their real-life counterparts would make? Or how...


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