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FICO Score High Achievers

Climb Your Way to Become a FICO SCORE HIGH ACHIEVER 800 IMPROVER HIGH ACHIEVER Keep climbing! Keep up the good work! 650 800 FICO' SCORE FICO' SCORE ACCOUNT HISTORY Age of Newest Credit Card Open new credit accounts only when necessary. The newest credit card account, on average, for Improvers is 6 months old. The average Improver's oldest account was opened 12 years ago. 6 11 The average age of credit card accounts for High Achievers is 11 years old. On average, High Achievers opened their oldest account 25 years ago. Months Years BALANCE Average Balance Carried on Credit Cards Keep revolving balances low. Improvers have an average balance of nearly $25,000 on their credit cards. High Achievers have an average balance of about $8,500 on their credit cards. $8,500 $25,000 UTILIZATION Amount of Available Credit Keep credit utilization low. 0% 93% High Achievers, on average, use only 7% of their credit limit. Many Improvers have maxed out their available Available Available credit. Credit Credit PAY ON TIME Pay all bills on time. Only 10% of Improvers pay all their bills on time every A whopping 96% of High Achievers have no late month, and 68% of Improvers have amounts past due at any given time. payments in their credit reports, and less than 1% have 10% 96% amounts past due. That's important because payment history makes up 35% of the FICO Pay on Time Pay on Time Score. What Your FICO' Score Means 750-850 EXCELLENT Highest likelihood of loan approval with low interest rates 700-749 GOOD Loan approval probable with possibly higher interest rates 650-699 FAIR Loan approval possible with higher interest rates or could be declined. 300-649 POOR Highest likelihood of loan approval being declined. MYFICO ©2013 Fair Isaac Corporation. All rights reserved. FICO and myFICO are trademarks or registered trademarks of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and othercountries. ||||

FICO Score High Achievers

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The habits and behaviors of FICO Score High Achievers tend to be consistent over time.






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