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Fair Trade

FAIR TRADE WEVE ALL SEEN FAIR TRADE PRODUCTS as we browse the grocery store shete, but do you know what the label meam? a symbel tut the product has been certtied by a Fair Trade organization as having been produced under a set of principles that include tair labor practices and environmental regulations. Most of the raw materials we consume are grown and harvested by tarmers who live in abject poverty. fair Trade products try to comect some of that inbalance by guaranteing tair price, investing in communities to improve quality of ite. and insuring tair treatment tor the people producing raw goods. Here's some more of uhut you dont krow about Fair Trade: THE MAJOR FAIR coffee cocoa FAIR TRADE PRODUCTS TRADE PRODUCTS: bananas tea cotton NEW FAIR TRADE PRODUCTS: wine and spirits FAIR TRADE PRINCIPLES vanilla and spices nuts FAIR PRICE AND CREDIT FOR GOODs fruits and vegetables oils Organiand groups of tarnes are garanteed minimum prices and can pet credit for harvests before they come in $2.00 $2.04 SALES BY COUNTRY FAIR LABOR CONDITIONS 2 2% Consumer FOR WORKERS Fair trade workers mat have safe Consumption Retal Sales Country cost increase working conditions and ving wages No child laber is permited. Austria $100.19902 Belgium Canada Denmark Fintand ance Germany Ireland $4.52 $7846.06 How we can $5.16 $280,905.262 DIRECT TRADE BETWEEN make a difference by purchasing fair trade S866 $75,711556 3 PRODUCERS AND SELLERS: Steps are taken to eliminate midde men, seproducers ae selling directly te consumes $12014.Cos $400.198. $372.002.66 $164905,7 s00.337774 $1404 S4.06 $2.71 $24.15 DEMOCRATIC AND TRANSPARENT DECISIONS: 4 so07 S15,603.255 The groups of tarmers must operate under democratic principles. $0.20 $0.24 Lanembe Neherland Narway $7400.00 S19.3507 $48246901 $637100 $11.09.26 $4.54 $638 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT INVESTMENT: 20% Producer compensation increase South Aica Spain S0.15 Companies also contribute community development hundsto ppon education, healthcare and other Sweden $706 S114968471 Switrertand SI9.9 $250,570,600 social services. UK $1264 $1.24.004257 USA $250 ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY TOTAL $4.653,732A 6 N PRODUCTION Only sustainable agicature practices are used. No GMOS are permited "Amourt sent Amion the SOURCE THE FAIRTRADE FOUNDATION; FAIR TRADE USA A COLLABORATION BETWEEN GOOD AND BRADLEY R. HUGHES, IN PARTNERSHIP WITH BEN & JERRY'S FAIR FAIR

Fair Trade

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Fair trade is when the original source of the product, such as the farmer get an equal percentage of the profits as the business who carries it gets. This infogrpahic takes a look at the principles of...



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