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Evolution of Labor

EVOLUTION OF LABOR COMPARING SALARIES AND WORKING CONDITIONS FOR AMERICAN PROFESSIONS AND HOW LABOR DAY CAME ABOUT IN 1894 Old jobs have gone extinct, and a new frontier of technology has opened career fields never before known. Below we visually express how far the workforce has come since the first Labor Day, moving from manufacturing to a tech-centric workforce. HISTORY OF LABOR DAY HOW DID IT BEGIN? WHERE DID IT BEGIN? WHAT STARTED IT? 1835 Children employed in Paterson, NJ silk mills on strike for an (improved) 11-HOUR DAY, 6 DAYS A WEEK. 1880 Most workers work 16 HOURS A DAY 7. / DAYS A WEEK And child labor laws are MORE THAN HALF OF STATES were observing an annual "Labor Day" at some point in the year. poorly enforced. 1882 The first Labor Day is believed to have been A PARADE OF 10,000 WORKERS ON SEPTEMBER 5, 1882 IN NEW YORK CITY. It was organized by Peter J. Mcguire, a Carpenters & Joiners Union secretary. 1894 Congress passed a bill to establish LABOR DAY AS A FEDERAL HOLIDAY. President Grover Cleveland signed the bill soon afterward, designating the FIRST MONDAY IN SEPTEMBER AS LABOR DAY. Until Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894, laborers who chose to participate in parades had to forfeit a day's wages. STRIKES IN LABOR INDUSTRY Many issues arose as America transitioned from railways, coal mines and cotton fields to a new way of working. 1894 The American Railway Union calls for a boycott of all Pullman Railway cars. 50,000 workers participate and railway traffic from Chicago stops entirely. 1894 President Cleveland claims that the strike is interfering with mail delivery. "IF IT TAKES THE ENTIRE ARMY AND NAVY OF THE UNITED STATES TO DELIVER A POSTCARD IN CHICAGO, THAT CARD WILL BE DELIVERED." He sends troops to Chicago to break the strike and 7 men die in the riots. IN 2011, THIS STRIKE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN PIVOTAL, AS NEWS IS CARRIED DIGITALLY. 1909 The American Federation of Labor Convention F.OF resolves that the Sunday preceding Labor Day will be "LABOR SUNDAY," reflecting the spiritual and educational concerns of the Labor movement. 1910 OVER 2 MILLION CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 15 WERE EMPLOYED IN THE U.S. 1922 A nationwide railroad worker strike in the United States began on July 1. It was the largest railroad stoppage since 1894, which STARTED DUE TO AN HOURLY WAGE CUT OF JUST SEVEN CENTS. 1933 18,000 COTTON WORKERS went on strike in Pixley, California. Four were killed before a pay-hike was finally won. FEDERAL REGULATION OF CHILD LABOR ACHIEVED IN FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT. For the first time, minimum ages of employment and hours of work for children are regulated by federal law. 1946 A strike by 400,000 MINE WORKERS in the U.S. began. U.S. troops seized railroads and coal mines the following month. 1970 After 195 years, THE U.S. POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT protested. 210,000 of the nation's 750,000 postal employees participated. With mail paralyzed in New York, Detroit, and Philadelphia, President Nixon declared a state of national emergency. IN 2011, THE INTERNET PROVIDES THESE SERVICES, VIA EMAIL, SOCIAL NETWORKS, AND SECURE INTRANETS. THE EMERGENCY WOULD BE COMPUTER AND IT WORKERS WALKING OUT. BACK TO WORK Labor Day's meaning gradually changed. It became the last "free" summer weekend for children and adults. It was a reminder we all must return to labors: children to school, and adults to work. TODAY, 68.7% OF PEOPLE USE COMPUTERS FOR WORK, SCHOOL, AND ENTERTAINMENT. THEY HAVE BECOME A MAJOR PART OF OUR LABOR. JOB STATISTICS TOP IT JOBS GRAPHIC DESIGNER ($32-56K) 286,100 PROGRAMMER ($52-89K) 426,700 DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR ($52-91K) 120,400 TECHNICAL SUPPORT - IT ($33-55K) 565,700 COMPUTER SCIENTIST ($75-124K) 28,900 OPERATIONS ANALYST ($51-92K) 63,000 COMPUTER SYSTEMS ANALYST ($58-95K) 532,200 NETWORK SYSTEMS ANALYST ($54-90K) 292,000 COMPUTER SPECIALIST ($24-52K) 209,300 ACTUARY ($62-119K) 19,700 27% 7% WORK MORE THAN WORK MORE THAN 40 HOURS 60 HOURS 53% Projected percentage growth from 2006 to 2016 in the number of Network Systems and Data Communication Analysts. SOURCES Day TinleyParkll.jpg OMNE

Evolution of Labor

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Labor Day was once only a holiday to celebrate the efforts of our nation’s hardest working citizens. Today, it symbolizes much more – like the start of back-to-school season and a time for many to...




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