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The European Super Highway of Debt

DEMON • OCRAS 'O FO ACYNFO OCRY.IN The European Super Highway of Debt IGNOI IS BLISS, REALITY IS NOT. DEMONOCRACY.R These info-graphics shows how much banks borrowed to Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece & Spain (PIIGS). Europe is in a deep crisis, and this shows how much must be repaid. dreomtitoCY ACY INFO 100 EURO EMONOCS SCY INFO 100 DEMONOCRACY INFO 100 BCE ECr ONOCRACY IN DEMONOCRA €100 INFO €100 - I bet you wish you could push print. ;-) 100 ONOC INFO DEMONOCRACY INFO 100EYRO DEMONOCRACY 100 ACY INFO fNOCRACY IN CRACY INFO €10,000 DEMONOCRACY INE NFO 100 €10,000 100 €10,000 - "Madness is badness of spirit, when one seeks profit from all sources" - Aristotle PRACY INFO 100 ONOCRACY INFO DEMONOCRACY INFO DEMONOCRA cI0.000 nCRACY INFO €1 Millo, ONOCRACY INFO DEMOKIOCRACS C10, 000 ACY INFOCEMON C10,o €1,000,000 - Not as big of a pile as you thought, huh? "Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money and control credit, and with a flick of a pen they will create enough to buy it back." -Sir Josiah Stamp, former President, Bank of England DEMONO DEMONOCT FO DEMONOCRA DEMONOCRA DEMO EVISIAN ONOCRACY INFO DEMONOCRACY INFO DEMONOCRACY MO GY INFO DEMONOCRAINFO DEMONOCRACY INFO DEMONOY D €100 Million DEMONOCRAAN NEMUNCAA "Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce." -James A. Garfield, President of the United States €100,000,000 - Approximately the size of the bonuses that CEO's of big banks during the financial crisis. DEMNOEHACY INE DE DEMONOGRAZIAME TENONACRACY OCRACY INFO ONOCRACY INFO OCRACY INFO INFO DEONOCRACY INFO DEN OCRACY.INFO €2 Billion - A Truck Load Full of Cash DEMONO €2,000,000,000 - Greece's budget deficit is €24,125,000,000. So Greece will need to borrow 12 of these trucks this year full of €100 Euro bills in order not to bankrupt. [Source] INFO "History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and it's issuance." -James Madison DEMONOCRCY.INF0 ecRÁC INFO NOCRACY INFO DEMONOCRACY IN NOC ACY INFO INFO €122.3 Billion - 2x Big Banks Loaned This Much Money to PIIGS Countries SACYNFOEM ACY INF0 nCRACY INCOuntries XCRACY INFO PORTUGAL IRELAND omcRACY INFO ITALY GREECE SPAIN Bankrupting €122,300,000,000 - Biggest lenders: Bank Itesa SanPaolo & Bank BBVA Portugal & Spain. The Intesa SanPaolo convoy is -514 meters long and the BBVA convoy is -505 meters long. a total of €122.3 Billion to struggling European Governments - Greece, Ireland, Italy, DEM DEMONOCRACY INF BBVA INTESA m SANPAOLO ND INFO toCRACY INFO DEMONOCRAY IMFO €61.6B sCRACY INFO ING VOGEAEY INN NOCRACA ACY F #1 biggest lender to GIIPS country Governments DEMONOCRACY N CY INFO €560 Billion - Amount borrowed from Banks by # 2 biggest lender to CRACY INFO GIIPS country Governments Governments of bankrupting countries DEMONOCRACY INFO For the curious: The info comes from the European Banking Authority's Stress Tests and is labeled as "Results of the 2011 EBA EU-wide stress test: Exposures to sovereigns (central and local governments)". €560,410,000,000 - Greek, Irish, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish governments borrowed little over half a trillion Euros from the banks shown below. All banks on the list borrowed over €10 billion to GIIPS. Now the banks are worried if they will get it back. ACY INFO dpoRAck DEMONOCE DEMON 2 61.7B 3 60.6B 51.8B 5 50.5B 41.1B 36.8B 32.9B 25.4B 10 22.6B 11 20.2B 12 19.8B 13 18.8B 14 18.2B 15 16.6B 16 14.5B 17 CLICK ON LOGOS FOR COMPANY DETAILS 12.8B 18 12.0B 19 11.2B 20 11.0B 21 10.5B 10.4B €828.6 Billion - Amount 2x large banks loaned to people of bankrupt countries In technical terms this is called "Credit risk exposures (EAD - exposure at default)". The info is sourced from European Banking Authority's website - 2011 Bank Stress Tests. €828,600,000,000 - Intesa SanPaolo & Banco Santander lent a total of €828.6 billion to GIIPS in loans to institutions, corporations, retail business, mortgages, commercial real estate, etc, also called private debt. Intesa SanPaolo's convoy is 3.8 kilometers long and Banco Santander's is 3.5 kilometers long. ONOCRAY ACY DEMONOCE DEMON DEMON INTESA SANPAOLO CRACY INFO BENGNOCRÀCY INF DEM DEMONOCRACY INFO DEMONOCRACY INF DEMR Banco Santander €428.3B CRAS #2 biggest lender to GIIPS country private sector DEKNGERACY.I sACY 00.2B #2 biggest lender to GIIPS country private sector 3km 2km ACY INFO €2.91 Trillion: Total amount borrowed by Bankrupt nation's citizens 1km - €2,910,426,000,000 (€2.91 million millions). 13 Banks biggest banks. Each bank has its own lane. Total Convoy Length: 26.7km (16.59 miles) if you put all 13 lanes together. ACY INFO The people of Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal & Spain owe €2,9i trillion Euros to these 13 banks. These are only the 13 biggest banks, there are many more that lent money, that together add up to a much bigger debt numbers. DEMONOCRACY INFO 3 pallets of cash would cover the cost of all the trucks shown below, if you bought them new. You'd have enough left over for a lifetime of joy. Each truck has 20 such pallets. DEMONOCE noCRACY IN DEMONOCRA ISTT oNoCRACY CHAYI EMONOCEUINF CONVOY: 1833m CONVOY: DENS CRA 3412m CONVOY: 3825m CONVOY: 1090m CONVOY 1094m CONVOY: 3573m CONVOY: 1152m CONVOY: 3462m CONVOY: 2486m CONVOY 2319m CONVOY: 822m CONVOY: 778m CONVOY 813m CLICK ON LOGOS FOR COMPANY DETAILS DEMONOCRACY INNFODEMOD DEMONOCRACNEFO ONOCRACY INFO NOCRACY.INFO INFO DEMONOCRACY INFO ENOCAT HET DEMON DANOVONOE0 DEMONOCRACY INFO NEMOOCRACYNFO €10,000 CRACY INFO VNFO 0:N ONOW DEMONSCHA 205.3B DEI PASCHI EMONOCRACY O DI SIENA ONIS NNVE 382.1B MONOCRAY INE OUniCredit Group 428.3B INTESA m SANPAOLO DEMONC ACK INFOENONOCRAY INFO UBI>

The European Super Highway of Debt

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This info-graphics shows how much banks loaned to Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece & Spain (PIIGS). Europe is in a deep crisis, and this shows how much must be repaid.


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