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Entrepreneurship & Opportunity Around The World

Entrepreneurship & Opportunity Around The World: A strong entrepreneurial climate in which citizens can pursue new ideas and opportunities for improving their lives can lead to higher levels of income and wellbeing. Here we find out where those places are. How The Countries Rank Sure Th 0 eatam Paspaiy nde The Legatum Prosperity Index assesses I10 countries, accounting for over 90 percent of the world's population, and is based on 89 different variables, each of which has a demonstrated effect on economic growth or on personal wellbeing. The Entrepreneurship & Opportunity List is based on a strong entrepreneurial climate in which citizens can pursue new ideas and opportunities for improving their lives leads to higher levels of income and wellbeing. I High Ranking Countries (Top 30) Medium Ranking Countries (Middle 50) Low Ranking Countries (Bottom 30) Insufficient Data 3. 9. 10 Denmark 2. Sweden 3. Finland 4. United Kingdon 5. United States 6. Iceland I. 101 103 107 106 104 10 108 7. Australia 8. Norway 9. 105 102 109 Canada 10. Switzerland II. Ireland 12. Netherlands 13. New Zealand 14. Singapore 15. Taiwan African citizens are among the most optimistic in the world about entrepreneurship. Yet, this resource remains underused because of various constraints, most notably poor infrastructure. 16. Germany 17. Hong Kong 18. Austria 19. South Korea 20. France 21. Japan 22. United Arab Emirates 23. Belgium 24. Slovenia 25. Israel 26. Estonia Freeing The Entrepreneurial Spirit Of Africa saure he a epnm Pespeiy nde Botswana :Central African Republic South Africa Rewards Of Hard Work 100% 27. Czech Republic 28. Spain 29. Portugal 30. Italy 31. Slovakia 32. Kuwait 33. Latvia 34. Chile 35. Poland 36. Malaysia 37. Costa Rica 38. Panama 39. Lithuania 40. Croatia 41. Greece 42. Hungary 43. South Africa 44. Tunisia 45. Trinidad & Tobago 46. Bulgaria 47. Jamaica 48. Brazil 49. Argentina 50. Russia 51. Romania 52. Turkey 53. Thailand 54. Saudi Arabia 55. Colombia 56. Uruguay 57. Mongolia 58. Belize 59. China 60. Kazakhstan 61. Mexico 62. Ukraine 63. Peru 64. Belarus 65. Macedonia 66. Dominican Republic 67. Botswana 68. Jordan 69. Moldova 70. Philippines 71. Venezuala 72. Morocco 73. Guatemala 74. Ecuador 75. Sri Lanka 76. Paraguay 77. El Salvador 78. Vietnam 79. Egypt 80. Indonesia 81. Lebanon 82. Namibia 83. Uzbekistan Rwanda Ghana 94% Paraguay 80%- India USA China • Mozambique Senegal The shaded area shows that most sub-Saharan African countries score highly on entrepreneurial optimism. In the Central African Republic, for example, less than one quarter of citizens have access to adequate food and shelter. But despite these difficult circumstances, 94% of the citizens still express faith in the rewards of hard work. 60%- Mobile Phone Ownership • Sub-saharan African Countries O Other countries 40%- Hungary Romania 2000 2009 According to The Prosperity Index mobile phone ownership is linked to higher levels of entrepreneur- ship and opportunity. Throughout the sub-Saharan region, cellular telephone subscriptions have grown from less than two per 100 people in 2000 to over 40 in 2009. 50% 60% 70% 90% 1o0% %08 Population who believe the area where they live is a good place for entrepreneurs to form new businesses* Botswana: A Model For African Prosperity? Botswana has emerged as a possible model of what sustained African prosperity might look like. For example, Botswana has a remarkably high penetration of mobile phones: over 96 per 100 persons, significantly more than the regional average of 41. However the advantage conferred by widespread mobile usage is offset by the disadvantage imposed by high transportation costs 3,200 USD is the average cost per shipping container, more than twice the Index average (1,400 USD) 96 $3200 l00- Ghana: A More Realistic Model For Posperity Ghana may be better positioned than Botswana to provide a model of sustained economic growth in Africa. According to the World Bank, Ghana is projected to be the fastest growing economy in sub-Saharan Africa, despite Ghana having only 63 mobile phones per 100 persons. The cost of moving goods from point A to point B, however, is lower in Ghana than any other sub-Saharan African country, at a cost of I,100 USD per container, which is below the global average. Maybe that's why Ghana is the most optimistic about entrepreneurship of all I10 countries in the Index! $I100 63 The Entrepreneurial Infrastructure: Mobile Phones and Transport Costs in Africa source: The 201I Legaum Prosporiy ndex Transport costs (USD per container; Doing Business, World Bank) 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 Ghana Mozambique Nigeria Tanzania 84. Algeria 85. Ghana 86. Pakistan 87. Honduras 88. Iran 89. Kenya 90. India Senegal South Africa Cameroon Namibia 91. Bolivia 92. Bangladesh 93. Nicaragua 94. Uganda 95. Cambodia 96. Sudan 97. Syria 98. Pakistan 99. Rwanda 100. Senegal 101. Nepal 102. Zambia 103. Yemen 104. Nigeria 105. Tanzania 106. Cameroon 107. Mali 108. Ethiopia 109. Zimbabwe 110. Central African Republic Kenya Ethiopia Sudan Mali Uganda Zambia Botswana Rwanda Zimbabwe Central Afr. Republic 20 40 60 80 100 120 Mobile phones per 100 people Ease of Doing Business - Top 10 Countries Source: 1. Singapore 3. Hong Kong New Zealand United States 6. 7. 8. 10. 2. 4. 5. 9. Denmark Norway United Kingdom Korea. Rep. Iceland Ireland Starting out as an Entrepreneur Source: By contrast, first-time entrepreneurs have only an 18% chance of succeeding and entrepreneurs who previously failed have a 20% chance of succeeding. Oddly enough, a new entrepreneur is more likely to get funded by a V firm (compared to a tried and true one.) Most entrepreneurs get their ideas - from former employers. (Make sure employees sign those non-competes!) $4 30% 45% While 45% of first-time ventures 20% 18% receive initial venture capital funding at an early stage, close to 60% of entrepreneurs receive initial venture capital funding at an early stage when it is their second or later venture. All else equal, a venture-capital-backed entrepreneur who succeeds in a venture (ie starts a company that goes public) has a 30% chance of succeeding in his next venture. Entrepreneurs with previous successes can get their hands on more capital and services if suppliers think they are persistent performers. 60% FIRST TIMER PREVIOUS FAILURE FIRST TIMER The Rise Of IPO Activity Around The World Surce Naima Brau Eomic hearch IPO activity 1990 to 2007 Proceeds raised in US $ (billions) Canada USA UK India China Japan 2,234 2,235 6,126 1,650 4,867 1,764 Hong Kong Australia 1,558 822 Taiwan 822 S. Korea 779 $58.2b $27.1b $63.6b $76.3b $68.6b $647.7b $196.3b $32.2b $254.6b $ Design: Proomotional Codes The UK's Number 1 Promotional Codes Website Population who believe you can get ahead by working hard*

Entrepreneurship & Opportunity Around The World

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A strong entrepreneurial climate in which people can pursue new ideas and opportunities for improving their lives can lead to a higher level of income and wellbeing for all. In todays infographic we f...


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