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Energy Audit of Development

JZ1122 ENERGY Cheap energy made industrial development possible. One barrel of crude oil contains, in energy terms, the equivalent to the heavy manual labour of 12 people working for one year. As easily accessible fossil fuel supplies diminish, the era of cheap energy is ending. One way to understand the consequences of energy scarcity ALIDIT OF DEVELOPMEIIT is by measuring EROI, i.e. 'Energy Return On Investment'. In the 1900s EROI was between 100:1 - 50:1. Energy from renewables and unconventional fossil fuels have much lower EROIS; for example the Tar Sands have a EROI of as little as only 3:1. An integrated audit of development that includes energy issues indicates that the current model of development has created dangerous vulnerabilities in its reliance on fossil fuel. THE BALANCE SHEET FOR GROSS GLOBAL PROSPERITY One barrel of crude oil, containing 159 litres, is equivalent to the heavy manual labour of 12 people for one year 15 9 Lt Energy use (kg of oil equivalent per capita) World = 1851 USA = 7069 EU = 3412 Low Income countries = 363 Percentage of total energy consumption that is based on fossil fuels World = 80% USA = 83% EU = 75% Low income countries = 29% 4 million wind turbines could VS replace fossil fuels usage globally - 20 million cars are produced every year so it is technically possible. Energy Return on Energy Investment EROI in the 1900s = 100:1 - 50:1 EROI in the tarsands = 5:1 - 3:1 . EROI estimated to be necessary for 'civilisation Global fossil fuels subsidies amounted to $523 to sustain itself= 5:1 All expansionary phases of the US economy occurred during times of low energy prices. billion in 2011, up almost 30% on 2010 - this is six times more than subsidies to renewables, and up 30% from 2010.

Energy Audit of Development

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This is one of four A2 posters for the 'GGP-2.0: An Audit of Development, The Balance Sheet for Gross Global Prosperity' project. GDP is widely used as the primary indicator of a country’s standa...


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