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Electricity load and consumption curve for Bulgaria (2011)

Electri city A Sefanova, Q Kolav, R Genkov, A. Nenov TSO daa showsth atd ocmase of 2°C below the seaso nal Emperanre in te egbn, 3471 GWh Causes 17% Increase in elecricty consumplon. 3163 GWh LOAD CURVE AND CONSUMPTION OF ELECTRICITY IN 2011 3102 GWh 17 k there a change in consumption of energy in Bulgaria, during the compared with 3917 GWh for December 2003 Compared past dec ade? Compared wth 2003, the consumed electricity in 2011 is dec reased in 11 of the mon ths. It is only in May 2011 that exceeds the consumption in May 2003. The difference between winter months is much to consumption dif feren ce in December, the consumption in June is redatively the same GWh (201 1) and 2342 (2003). tis a sustainable trend over the years for the winter months, the con su mption to decrea se, despite 2325 MARCH obvious as in December 2011 of the fact that these are the the consumprion is 3163 GWh months with higher consumption. SEPTEMBER 2003 2005 2007 2009 3500 Gwh 2011 2500MW 3461 GWh Iess electrici ty is consumed in 2001 3000 Gwh in comparison with AUGUST 2003. 5000 MW 2000 awh 2459 GWh 2325 GWh 7500 MW The elecrical syseEM bad dara sh owsthar bEIwean Apri The consumprbn of elecrtily isdeceasing and this is a rend forhe period benween 2003 and 2010. This is especialy rue torte cdldest mothsof the year when fieco nsumpton is higher. Itseems tat thee is a process to opimizatonof enegy use and energy eldency, butin 2011 we see agalnsligt gowh h elecricty co nsumpton. The hCease of consumpton for 2011 may also show an excep don of 08:00 AM and Sempember thelcad is permanety below 5000 MW. 08:00 PM 2487 GWh the ovaall Tend D povio ay ENTSD-E 2713 GWh 3112 2337 GWh 3083 GWh | 2408 GWh | 2573 GWh

Electricity load and consumption curve for Bulgaria (2011)

shared by senski on Dec 11
The graphic shows the electricity load and consumption curve for Bulgaria for 2011. (Data by ENTSO-e)




Asen Nenov
Rosen Genkov
Olgierd Nikolov


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