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The Economics of Drug Abuse

THE ECONOMIC$ OF DRUG ABUSE 22.5 MILLION AMERICANS 12 or older are current drug users 8.7% of the population MARIJUANA COCAINE PRESCRIPTION HALLUCINOGENS 18.1 MIL .3 MIL .6 MIL 1 MIL 15,000,000 13M 10,000,000 6.3M 5,000,000 2.8M 1.3M 800K 586K 179K Heroin Chronic Users Occasional Users THE AVERAGE PRICE OF DRUGS TODAY MARIJUANA PRESCRIPTION COCAINE HALLUCINOGENS HEROIN up to $5-80 $20 $150 $45-160 per pill per gram $110 per gram per gram IN 2006 ALONE, AMERICANS SPENT STATS Heroin $11 BILLION Someone is arrested for violating a drug law every Meth SECONDS $18 BILLION An American is arrested for violating cannabis laws every Marjuana $34 BILLION_ SECONDS Cocaine In 2009. law enforcement made $38 BILLION more arrests for drug abuse violations than any other offense ~$100 BILLION COST TO ECONOMY $19,783,981,000 $56,373,254,000 $48,121,949,000 Criminal Justice System Incarceration • $1,455,555,000 $3,547,885,000 • $3,723,338,000 Labor Participation $5,697,186,000 $2,327,798,000 $2,828,207,000 $49,237,777,000 Criminal Justice System Labor Participation Incarceration $56,373,254,000 $49,237,777,000 $48,121,949,000 Premature Mortality Costs Hospital and Emergency Department Specialty Treatment Other Crime Costs Other $19,783,981,000 $5,697,186,000 $3,723,338,000 $3,547,885,000 $2,327,798,000 $2,828,207,000 $1,455,555,000 Specialty Treatment for Services Provided (state) Crime Victim TOTAL COSTS $193,096,930,000 000000O0 0000000 0000000 It would take 5.2 years to accumulate $1 trillion in expenses That's enough to buy every American a brand new iPad EVERY YEAR + $100 BILLION $200 BILLION SPENT ON DRUGS COST TO ECONOMY $300 BILLION SPENT AS A RESULT OF DRUGS IN THE US EACH YEAR WHICH IS ENOUGH TO... Give everyone in the world Give everyone in the US OR $40 $950 Google END WORLD HUNGER PAY FOR 3 MILLION BUY STUDENT'S ENTIRE Google COLLEGE TUITION CNN| • Business Insider • SAMHSA • 12. Keys 6.1 MIL 1.4 MIL Marijuana Cocaine INHALANTS Methamphetamine HEROIN USERS II-- .---- %24

The Economics of Drug Abuse

shared by katiegelizabeth on Oct 02
$300 billion is spent per year in the United States on illegal drug abuse. Directly, individuals spend $100 billion on the purchase of drugs while $200 billion is spent annually through the criminal j...


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