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eCashWindow Money Saving Guide

Money Saving Tips eCashWindow Guide to Saving Dosh eCashWindow's mission is to help people manage their short-term finance issues more effectively. We've put together a few helpful hints for sticking within your budget each month... SHOP AROUND USE DISCOUNT WEBSITES FOR MEALS AND DAYS OUT: Sites such us Groupon and Wowcher offer hugely discounted rates on meals out or days out. They are a great way of making a saving without having cut back on fun activities. TIP COMPARE PRICES ONLINE: Huge savings can be found comparing prices online. compares prices from all the major supermarkets. TIP 3) CHECK OUT CASH-BACK SITES: Lots of websites now offer cash-back or vouchers in return for spending money. See if what you are looking to buy could earn you some extra cash with websites like quidco. TIP QUIT NASTY HABITS The estimated cost of being a smoker every year is not just the price of cigarettes.. According to a study by helpline smokers can spend £676 before the cigarettes are even purchased. Cost£ 2004 2009 Current Price I Health Insurance Premiums Personal Hygeine Prices of cigarettes have nearly doubled in the last 10 years... Cleaning & Repairing Cut Out Pricey Takeaways Buying a pizza express pizza from Tesco will save you nearly £10 compared to a medium pizza from Dominos £11.99 £2.34. SWITCH UTILITY SUPPLIERS Now is the best time to switch. Wholesale energy prices have shrunk year-on-year by 15%. Smaller, newer energy suppliers are allowing people to save up to £393 per year YEAR-ON-YEAR PRICES 85% Increasing your thermostat by 1 degree increases your heating bill by an average of 8% per year Switching lights off that you are not using could save you up to 15% a year on your lighting bill DON'T WASTE AWAY The average household wastes £470 per year throwing food away or £700 for households with children. The website provides lots of useful tips on how to cut down on waste A BRIGHT IDEA: Energy saving bulbs last up to ten times longer. One 20w bulb can save you up to £60 over its lifetime. 10% NORMAL LIGHT-BULB LIFESPAN: Arveaga Hanahald Avega Faly SOURCES:, http:www.he tma.arg.uktma publicaions-rasoarchlacts-figuresluk-cigaroto prices/. alsd- 1103-boas- 00144foab7de.html#azzAgRooing, the_aviranmani/2704the_ big_switch_off_at_wark, http:/, sotslannual-domasio-enargy price statisics, manoy-in- 2014.html, Gas-and aloctricity-price war-could savo- ecashwindow consumars-up-to-303 html Piktochart I make information beautiful ここ ○○

eCashWindow Money Saving Guide

shared by jonny1234 on Aug 25
An infographic providing some tips for saving money by eCashWindow, the fair short-term loan provider.


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