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Doomsday Economy

THE END IS NEAR.. BILL . Hou Much will it Cost you to survive? and business is booming! In a time of apocalyptic predictions and catastrophic scenarios, "doomsday economy" seems to be the biggest winner, with people spending more and more on anything related to the end of the world. From buying a ticket to the latest disaster movie to building a multi-million dollar luxurious survival bunker, it seems that the market for armageddon will only keep growing. $5,000 Food And water $10,000 pick-up truck Time is running out... again! FAiled DoonsdAY Predictions Mormon Armageddon 1835–1891 $11,000 equipment: The founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, signaled the period between 1835 and 1891 as the approaching return of Jesus and the beginning of the end of times. GAS COOKERS, GENERATORS, BATTERIES, WATER PURIFIERS Halley's Comet 1910 By the time of Halley's comet passing in 1910, astronomers had shown that cyanide-like molecules were part of comet tails. Many thought that Halley's comet would shower us with toxic gas exposure. AND SOLAR POWER. $330,000 IAnd And bunker construction. HeAven's Gate 1997 In 1997, this cult believed that the comet Hale-Bopp had a hidden alien spacecraft. Sadly, this story would end with a total of 39 members perishing as a result of mass suicide. NostradAMuS AUGUST 1999 TOTAL $356,000 Some interpretations of Nostradamus' writings scheduled Armageddon for August 1999, failing to meet the "accuracy" of some of the author's previous work. Y2K, JAN. 1 2000 From power outages to nuclear holocaust and everything in between, the New Year's Day of 2000 was feared to bring mayhem upon the world. In the end, the change of date in computers was little more than a nuisance. *Actual case from MAYAN Prophecy 2012 The most current prediction claims that the Mayan calendar schedules the end of the world for December 21st, 2012, coinciding with the end of the "Mayan Fourth World Age" HOW WILL IT BE? A survey conducted by Kelton Reasearch for National Geographic asked 1007 Americans how they envisioned the end of the world. Take a look at the answers. 64% 63% EARTHQUAKE HURRICANE 55% TERRORIST ATTACK 51% FINANCIAL COLLAPSE 37% BLACKOUT 29% PANDEMIC, SUCH AS FROM A SUPER-VIRUS 14% NUCLEAR FALLOUT MORE DOOMSDAY NUMBERS 9%TOTAL RADIUS ENGINEERING. Builder of underground disaster shelters REVENUE FROM RESPIRATOR MASKS Becommended by the • OVER 1,100 UNITS SOLD. Red Cross emergency kit Share price has doubled since low point in 2009. PROFITS OF $30-$45 MILLIONS PER YEAR. Energizer Survival condo $1,750,000 Manufacturer of batteries Energizer Holdings. and portable lighting. STOCK PRICE INCREASED LUXURY SURVIVAL FACILITIES. IN AN ABANDONED MISSILE SILO IN KANSAS 25% SINCE 2010. NFA PROCESSED FIREARMS DO NOT FORGET: 2005 TT 147,484 2006 FTTT 296,127 2007 TTTTTTI 563,127 2008 TTTTTTTFPFFF WATER NON-PERISHABLE MEDICATIONS 981,303 FOOD 2009 TTTTTTTTFP 834,328 2010 FTFFTFTTPPT 826.393 BATTERIES, GENERATORS COMMUNICATION SHELTER EQUIPMENT 2011 FFFFFT 992,975 Which is a smarter investment? 59% 41% SAVING FOR RETIREMENT, such as through a 401(k) PREPARING FOR A CATASTROPHE IN SOME WAY, such as Stocking up on resources or building a bomb shelter TOP GRO$$ ING D0O0MSDAY FILMS IN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS $306mi $234mi $201mi $186mi $182mi $166mi War of the The Perfect Storn ArMageddon The DAy After Tomorrow םות2 Independence DAy Worlds REFERENCES CCREDIT SEASON wwW.CREDITSEASON.COM

Doomsday Economy

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Many Americans worry about failed and pending doomsday predictions that could collapse the U.S. economy and overall lifestyles. As millions prepare for such potential disasters, several industries tha...


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