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Digital Transformation Impacting ...

08 al DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION POIN OFVIEW AlM IMPACTING PATIENT OUTCOMES Axtric Intel Monitor ool 29 It's the digital age with patients taking more control of their health, and data encompassing every aspect of pharma operations Globally, people spend 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day' The market for virtual patient simulations is expected to become a $1.5 billion industry by 20255 77% of doctors have recommended Use of wearables amongst U.S. adults will be 56.7 million in 20222 an app or digital program to their patients 80% of adults search There are 860 digital health clinical trials in progress7 online for health information? 75% consumers access Of the physicians who use social media, 90% are passive content consumers, 9% engage with patients and other HCPS and 1% create content remote care (telemedicine, email, video)4 Digital transformation in pharma has not been easy given the many regulations owing to patients' health being the utmost concern All Industries Pharma 33% Digital maturity 27% 59% Clear digital business vision and strategy 51% 48% Effectiveness at understanding the impact of digitization in the industry 39% 64% Effectiveness at using digital technology to advance business strategy 54% 19% Effectiveness at leveraging customer data to deliver personalized experience 30% Digital can be used to drive transformation throughout the organization and realize competitive advantage R&D MEDICAL COMMERCIAL PATIENT SUPPORT Drug discovery Medical affairs Market access Patient access Translational medicine Drug Safety Marketing Education Compliance & persistence Clinical trials Sales/Customer engagement HEOR • Pathway identification • Modeling / simulation • Omnichannel triggers / • Wearables next best action beyond-the-pill digital using big data / ML • Genomics leveraging RWE • E-safety / Pharmaco - • Linking commercial programs • Adaptive / pragmatic vigilance data drivers to patient • Telemedicine outcomes • Remote monitoring trials governance personalization 80% of pharma companies still have a long way to reach their digital transformation goals" 20% Maturing 25% Early Stages 55% Developing Capabilities Some elements that set successful organizations apart, include:" 中 Digital savvy leadership that prioritizes transformation A collaborative Adoption of tools and work technologies environment and new ways of working Placing the customer at the center of pharma's digital strategic priorities2 93% 63% 29% companies mention customer experience as a top strategic priority companies place to increase their investment in social media marketing companies prioritize content marketing to meet the desire of consumers to increase their healthcare knowledge Axtria can help you deliver real world benefits with speed, agility and scale Four pillars of digital transformation Interlinked Data Information Analytics at Real-time Intelligent information management scale insights execution Intelligent reps Interlinked sales- Real-world evidence Analytics industrialization Intelligent decision Decision marketing- performance ecosystem operationalization making Omnichannel customer experience Accurate Smart and Consistent Consistent Uniform and predictable commercial Anticipated healthcare Expected commercial 360° real-world information at scale and institutiona- insight driven decisions messaging outcomes outcomes Modern, objective operations lized insights to customer on-call operations Applications of digital transformation in pharma that impact patient outcomes Researchers have been able to develop software that can detect facial features. This when combined with patient data, allows investigators to accurately determine which disease a patient has, 13 Researchers are using Al to analyze high-resolution images of histological slides allowing for sub-classification of patients within Colorectal cancer giving an indication of optimal treatment strategy. This is faster and cheaper than the current gold standard, RNA sequencing.14 The ATOM (Accelerating Therapeutics for Opportunities in Medicine) consortium, is a public-private partnership that aims to utilize supercomputing simulations, data science, machine learning and Al to hasten drug discovery practices.15 CONCLUSION By keeping the patient at the center of connected healthcare, digital transformation allows pharma companies to focus on patient outcomes and value-based innovations to improve every aspect of healthcare delivery References: 1. Digital 2019: Global Internet Use Accelerates, We Are Social & Hootsuite | 2. Wearables 2019, eMarketer | 3. Majority of Adults Look Online for Health Information, Pew Research Center 4 Beyond Wellness For the Healthy: Digital Health Consumer Adoption 2018, Rockhealth | 5. Virtual Patient Simulation Market Analysis and Trends- Technology, Product - Forecast to 2025, Research and Markets 6. Digital therapeutics and connected care reshape the life sciences industry, PWC |7. Physicians can shape digital health transformation, AMA T8. Social Media For Physicians: What's To Gain, What's To Lose?, Forbes | 9. Closing the digital gap in pharma, McKinsey | 10. Survey finds biopharma companies lag in digital transformation, Deloitte Insights | 11. Unlocking success in digital transformations, Mckinsey | 12 2017 Digital Trends in Healthcare and Pharma, Adobe | 13. How artificial intelligence can help detect rare diseases, Science Daily] 14 Researchers use Al to establish molecular tumor classification and prognosis in patients with colorectal cancer, Medical Xpress | 15. The ATOM Consortium, Fierce Biotech ÂXTRLA Founded in 2010, Axtria is a global provider of cloud software and data analytics to the life sciences industry. We combine industry knowledge, business process, and technology to help our clients make better data-driven decisions. INGENI OUS INSICHTS AIM (Axtria Intel Monitor) is an engaging series of thought leadership that showcases Axtria's intelligence on therapy areas, industries and topics relevant to the life sciences. f M in @Axtria @lifeataxtria How? What ? Ecosystem Need ---- Client Benefits Value Translation

Digital Transformation Impacting ...

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