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Day Trading Software

. TRADE NOw DA Y TR A DI N G SOFTWARE Before you dive in to day trading, you'll need to choose the right software for tracking stocks, trends and making trades. While a great deal of research can be done using the web, the right software is critical for price data and executing trades. .... ............ •******...**************....********************.. ************** DAY TRADING SOFTWARE TOOLS FALL INTO 3 MAIN CATEGORIES: . ..... .......... ........ .......... DATA CHARTING TRADE EXECUTION .... . .. ................ .. SOFTWARE SOFTWARE SOFTWARE PRICE RESEARCH & TRACKING This is the first stop in researching a stock or planning a potential trade. ..●httP// SOFTWARE INTERNET Any real price time feed will always require a web connection. Data software is often web-based and provides critical information like the price of stocks, futures and currencies. In the case of stocks and futures, prices come from the exchange on which they are traded. FREE DATA FEED PAID DATA FEED An Aggregation company then sells those price feeds on to individuals and corporations through data software. Some data feeds are free, but the prices these feeds supply are always delayed. Delayed price feeds are only useful to occasional AGGREGATION FIRM investors and are useless to day traders. EXCHANGE Instead of supplying data to millions of individuals, exchanges make their real-time price feed available to an aggregation company. CHARTING TECHNICAL ANALYSIS & CHANGE TR ACKING http://myda Any smart trader will chart prices in some kind of charting software. Charting software vendors offer 2 types of packages: FREE $$$$ BASIC INDICATORS BASIC INDICATORS ****..........***** ADVANCED INDICATORS ADVANCED INDICATORS .............*** CUSTOM INDICATORS CUSTOM INDICATORS .........**.............********. Often include a complete programming language for creating more indicators or testing different trading strategies. Same basic technical analysis indicators that are commonly used throughout the industry. TRADE EXECUTION BUYING & SELLING SECURITIES ..Mtevedt tradingesfteer.m e te dtradingefwr.m SELL After research and analysis, it's time to actually make the transaction and place a trade. Trade Execution Software otherwise known as an electronic trading platform serves this purpose. Third party programs have the advantage of allowing the user to trade through different brokers in Some trade execution software allows advanced traders to develop their own trading strategies using API. the same interface. Some traders also enjoy advanced features like automatic trade execution. stockstotrade The Answer for Any Experience Level DYNAMIC CLEAN LEVEL 2 PRECISE EASY TIME AND CHARTS QUOTES INDICATORS SALES It uses the cleanest charting tools The Level 2 quotes If you use indicators, The Stocks ToTrade and real time data Stocks To Trade has software was are very easy to read and understand. This available on the developed to put all pretty much any indicator you can market. the key tools in the think of hands of traders at means you can act fast on the critical pre-programmed. any experience level. information you need to make smart trades. PUTTING THE TOOL TO WORK WHAT LE ADS TO SUCCESS? In today's volatile markets, most traders lose money. So what separates the winners? 1 Ability to identify real-time movements in stocks. 2 Spot volatility real-time and understand the catalyst behind movements. Gather useful background information on companies. Predict future movements based on understanding of current and past drivers. Use the tools at your disposal to make 5 rapid, proper trade decisions and increase your chances of success. THIM TIMOTHYSYKES.COM SOURCES: %24

Day Trading Software

shared by eshagoyal24 on Feb 18
This infographic provides an overview of how to select the right software and why Tim developed and uses StocksToTrade.


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