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Crumbling Infrastructure

WARNING CRUMBLING FUTURE AHEAD Infrastructure is the backbone of America's economy. It connects workers to companies and goods to consumers. Yet in recent years infrastructure investment has been crowded out by growing interest on the debt, entitlements, and tax loopholes. How bad is it? WELL, IT'S NOT GOOD. Flickering Lights: ELECTRICITY 67% $94 BILLION 303% Of electricity generated by the U.S. grid that is wasted or lost in transmission Increase in significant power outages between 2007 and 2011 Funds needed to upgrade the transmission and distribution system by 2020 Delays and more Delays: PUBLIC TRANSIT $90 BILLION PER YEAR IN O LOST TIME AND WASTED FUEL & COULD REACH $570 BILLION IN 2020 45% OF AMERICANS n $78 BILLÍON NEEDED TO LACK ACCESS TO ANY PUBLIC TRANSIT BRING TO A STATE OF "GOOD REPAIR" Potholes, Potholes Everywhere: HIGHWAYS 32% OF AMERICA'S IN 2013, MAJOR ROADS ARE CLASSIFIED AS 148,000 THE COST: TRAVELING ON POOR ROADS COST U.S. DRIVERS $67 BILLION IN 2012- OR BEING IN EITHER MEDIOCRE OR POOR CONDITION BRIDGES WERE DECLARED STRUCTURALLY DEFICIENT $324 PER DRIVER CROWDED OUT! Where is the Money going? (Mandatory spending includes Social Security, Medicare, and interest on the debt.) % of total federal The amount of money designated to mandatory spending has been steadily rising for decades budget outlays dedicated to 32% 1962 2012 2022 57% 69% mandatory spending U.S. MANDATORY SPENDING FALLING BEHIND the Rest of the World The U.S. infrastructure ranking has been consistently dropping for more than a decade U.S. INFRASTRUCTURE RANKING: 2014 2002 ITH 21" ST If we do nothing by 2020 THIS WILL HAPPEN! $3.1 3.5 $1.1 $28K TRILLION in lost income to the average American family TRILLION MILLION lost jobs loss to GDP decline in trade $3.6TRILLION NEEDED INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT BY 2020 Without investment in our infrastructure today, our economy of tomorrow will not succeed. We'll leave future generations unprepared to deal with the challenges of the 21st century economy. FIGHT BACK and go to to get involved. THE ČAN KICKS BACK SOURCES Federal Highway Administration, "Deficient Bridges by State and Highway System 2013", December 2013, World Economic Forum, "The Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014", American Society of Civil Engineers, "2013 Report Card for America's Infrastructure", March 2013, http:/ Business Insider, "America's Infrastructure Ranks."Last modified January 16, 2013, 013-1 American Society of Civil Engineers, "Failure to Act: The Impact of Current Infrastructure Investment on America's Future", 2013, et_Report.pdf, Congressional Research Service, "Mandatory Spending since 1962", March 23, 2012,

Crumbling Infrastructure

shared by TCKB on Oct 20
With $3.6 trillion in need repairs America's infrastructure needs help. Without repairs our economy will continue to falter.


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